Classical Musicians React: BTS ‘Run’

Yunyi: I think it’s about the corruption of youth because these people are like Yunyi: I mean, in all the videos we’ve watched they’re all like so happy Yunyi: And they’re like, like for example in Fire there’s like YEAH FIRE!!! Yunyi: And then like, or like I’M DOPE you know, that sort of shit Yunyi: But like in this video, like this trilogy so far it seems like they’ve all been encountering some real shit Yunyi: Like and it just like their like dreams are like kind of like I guess they’re kind of— Kevin: Oh INTERESTINGGGG
yunyi: disappearing?? Yunyi: It’s like, their like, their hope is being like kind of like corrupted in a way
Kevin: uh huh? Yunyi: So… Kevin: That’s very good
Umu: lol GOOSEBUMPS Yunyi: That is my answer for now Kevin: Shall we run t o the next one Umu: Yes we shall run to the next one, make sure to press the space bar Kevin: Yeah yeah Kevin can’t come up with anything better so he makes another stupid pun Umu: Okay now we’re about to watch the third of the trilogy and it’s called run Umu: So this one, the storyline continues Shimon: oh, the storyline continues Both: 3, 2, 1Davis: Missed it (the spacebar)I’m sorry Kevin: oh…oh youu Peyton: Big Hit Entertainment Hugo: MTV lol
Gwen: Oh this was on 2015 Fiona: This song is so awesome Shimon: Woahhh Leah: That’s cool Kevin: Hey Inception Lindsey: This is stranger things if I’ve ever seen it, Oh my God Jarod: Bruh!!! That’s how you make a mess! You’re wearing a white T-shirt Fiona: It’s just so artistic Fiona: … Is that Rap? (Rapmon) Leah: Oh! … I used to do that when I was a kid Shimon: Are you serious? Hugo: Ain’t nobody want that in their coffee! EW!
Gwen: EWWW Davis: Now it’s gonna be watered down AND too sweet Fiona: I do that Henry: What? Fiona: Flavors your water Yunyi: There’s 7 of them and all of these songs are driven by seventh chords Kevin:Peyton: I like that sound thatJarod: First off, he just threw a styrofoam cup on the ground you know how long that takes to break down? Jarod: REAL LONG TIME Fiona: This is a lot happier Henry: It’s a lot cooler Fiona: I don’t know if I could handle much more… sad Fiona: It’s gonna be sad though Fiona: Woah Yunyi: Wow I really dig this track Kevin: This is much- yeah! Davis: This song is really good though! Davis: Uh oh! Gwen: He’s like bro, police Fiona: Oh! They’re about to be in trouble, they’re running Umu: House of cards, get it? That last song Lindsey: Ah! yeah Davis:Henry:What the
Fiona: Oh Gosh! Hugo: ohhhhh oh
Gwen: I don’t get it Yunyi: Oh! The drowning baby Nirvana Fiona: Nirvana Kevin:Lindsey: But one of them jumped in the—
Davis: No just— Kevin: Very very cool Peyton: Yeah I love their fashion Kevin: Oh! He’s on the train track Davis: oooh~ Kevin: oooh~ Davis: picardy third yeah? Fiona: Oh no! They got caught! Kevin: Look how happy they are Fiona: They’re lol-ing Peyton: Aw… Oh! Kevin: Okay Fiona: Hospital? Kevin: Aww
Yunyi: AWWWWWW Henry: They’re in love Yunyi: Wow pillows! I wish pillows just exploded like that
Kevin: Right? That’s what I was thinking! Exactly Davis: He survived… just like you said cause… he’s jumping over water or whatever
Lindsey: He survived but— Shimon: Butterfly Lindsey: He looked he was going like into a mental institution
Davis: Oh! Henry: I still that everyone is secretly in love with each other— ooh! Except that dude Fiona: I think someone fell down the stairs and died Henry: They don’t love each other… they’re fighting
Fiona: Someone pushed someone down the stairs Henry: That’s what that is Hugo: They’re having a bad time of it Both:Yunyi: Oh Fiona: This song sounds so like, upbeat… in a way? Yet chill but it’s like… not? Peyton: … hello Kevin: OHOHOHOH!
Yunyi: OHHHHHH!!! Fiona: He’s underwater, breaks a mirror, house of cards fall… okay Yunyi: Nice extended silence!
Kevin: WHAT!?!Yunyi: This is great! …. yeah yeah yeah, a little bit
Kevin: It’s almost like the hook when I’m scared when the paint drops on the canvasUmu: There’s more of that in tomorrow’s videos
Kevin: I’m excited Yunyi: I know… like… a number of songs do this but I really like how it goes between like halftime and like— or not halftime like like beating on the downbeats or beating on the eighth
Kevin: Wo-ah Yunyi: It’s really nicely done Davis: You’re always running from something Davis: … responsibilities, your future… your life Lindsey: Well… yeah Kevin: Flower petals? Henry:dried flower petals?
Fiona:Umu: Symbolism~ Davis: Are they trying to imply that this happens at multiple times? Davis: Cause I can see that happening Jarod: Just stay in the moment tryna just have a good time Fiona: He’s chasing butterflies do butterflies symbolize his last friends Jarod: And I notice how Jin was just like, just kinda like stared like… wait a minute… I’m like 30 now… or however old he is Kevin: Oh! Perks of being a wallflower! Jarod: I gotta like do adult sh*t now like… I can’t just Shimon: Oh it’s that truck again, oh sh*t! Lindsey: What WHAT? Henry: Anarchy
Fiona: That’s reckless Lindsey: They’re just like, sh*tting on carsnot literally, but almost Leah: It’s weird though cause in the first video they were very vulnerable Gwen: No sh*t the police are here Leah: And then this video they’re very like Jarod: Episode 6 “Return of the Truck” Leah: Careless Kevin: I like how we never see the faces of the other people… it’s like they’re not even significant Leah: Like they were like with flower petals and all these like innocent things and this is with all like the things that like show like the lack of innocence now Yunyi: They’re not, it’s all about these guys
Kevin: yeah Gwen: Oh he’s in a tub again Peyton: Oh! Oh man!
Jarod: Oh oh! They’re gonna, they’re gonna drown him! What the heck! Hugo: Oh man look at that! Fiona:Is he drowning Peyton: Oh!!!
Jarod: Returning motifs Peyton: OHHHH! Fiona: Ahhhhhhh! Henry: This bathtub is literally filled with alcohol Hugo: This must’ve taken forever to film! Peyton: They tell me bye bye bye bye~ …slow motion water stare
Jarod: Woah, that’s.. that’s hot you know Just lookin right at you
Peyton: Slow motion water stare? Lindsey: Who’s the one looking back at the camera Gwen: He just winked at us Yunyi: kookie, OH! Kookie!Yunyi: Awwww I could look at his face all day Kevin: Man what an ominous clo— Woah oh he swims up! Henry: He came out of the water! Fiona: Cause he’s in heaven…. /hell Kevin: I had a dream my life would be~ … oh… it’s not done yet
Umu:Umu: Now you’re gonna hear the butterfly song that you liked before, with lyrics this time, and there will be a scene at the end too Peyton: Produced by “Hitman” Bing… BANG wow I definitely did not… wow Fiona: They balance using like strings or acoustic guitar with electronic synthesized sounds, I think that’s cool, well done Davis: This is a good one, I didn’t make a comment, but I was gonna say that uh, I definitely like the rock feel of the drums Davis: But then it cuts out and just goes right back into this like… Justin Timberlake? Idk can I say that? Sounds like 2020 experience to me Umu: For Run? or…
Davis: Butterfly Both: (mainly Henry) Davis: Oh… I like his rap voice Henry:Davis: It’s like aggressive but still welcoming Leah: I wonder how many lollipops they went through for the producing of this Hugo: Like I feel like I’m… nope
Umu: The lyrics should be on… Henry:Umu: The lyrics don’t help at all with this storyline? (or at least for umu’s theory) Hugo: They don’t?…. sigh
Umu: They’re just love songs Kevin: Does it answer more questions though? Hugo: No but I think Rapmonster’s alive Both:Both:Gwen: Lollipop’s alive
Hugo: That’s my solid thought, I think tub guy’s dead Gwen: Tub guy? We think he’s dead?
Hugo: You think? What do you think? Both:Yunyi: Are these the same chords? As the last video?
Kevin: Yeah, yes, yes
Umu: Yeah it’s the same song Yunyi: Ughhhhh
Umu: HAHAHAHA Gwen: Like I feel like they’re supposed to represent something Davis: Wait excEPT ONE!?!?!…. I know that’s what I’m saying
Lindsey: the picture! No they were there in real life but they’re not all there in the picture Peyton: Oh no! OH! Don’t do it!
Jarod: No!!! Davis: Except for one in the picture Gwen: And in the idea when they like break apart that something is dysfunctional, I think that’s supposed to mean… oh … sh*t something’s happening
Hugo: Wait Shimon: That guy died, the guy in the bathtub died Kevin: These are— Oh! There’s an epilogue? Peyton: That wa-water he was poouring into the tuuhb Peyton: WHY…. WHY KPOP WHY Jarod: That’s fucked upppp Jarod: It’s no good!!!
Peyton:Peyton: I mean basically, it seems like that old dude is just like, you know, I guess it just seemed like they were living it up before he became an adult I guess Peyton: Cause being an adult is pretty freakin’ awful apparently Jarod: Dude my head is spinning dog…. my head is spinningggg
Peyton: … yeah I mean… Idek Peyton: Even though my theory has no validity I just can’t keep up with this thing Umu: That’s alright I’ll explain a theory after we watch the next one Jarod: Alright Gwen: Well if bathtub guy is alive, based off that, then everyone else is dead cause why else would he be burning the photograph Hugo: … It’s a possibility Hugo: Wait…
Gwen: I was originally thinkin’ abused substances because of the guy who overdosed on drugs but then I was like meh Umu: How’s it to do with youth
Hugo: I think it has to do with teen suicide is my thought Umu: So theories? Davis: Uh….
Lindsey: …. I’m completely lost… davis: dude… lindsey: I have no idea
davis: that last one kinda threw me for a loop Davis: But I think, I still sticking to… Jin’s the only one alive, and they’re slowly… through different things…. maybe not even alive but he’s the only one still around Davis: You know what I mean? Like I don’t think they all like die but what if Lindsey: It’s like… It’s like high school graduation
Davis: But my theory is that somehow they were all separated to where he’s the only one left and he’s using the locations, and the pictures Davis: and the videos to sort of like relive and reimagine that sort of stuff Fiona: Okay well, someone died of alcohol poisoning, and/or drowning, and/ or drowning in a bathtub, and/or falling down stairs backwards Fiona: I just kept looking for death… everywhere… idk what happened Fiona: They’re running, he’s running, he feels lost cause the love has been lost and he keeps running from his own emotions but then he’s like it’s okay to run, but also…. Fiona: It’s okay but it’s bad… idk…. no I’m good
Henry: I feel like you need a hug Fiona: This is all him, I feel pretty good
Henry: I think that Henry: I think that they’re secretly gay Umu: And you guys made some interesting faces did you guys think that this song was more interesting than the others? Henry: There were definitely moments where I was like mmmm…i dig the way this is movin’
Fiona: I like the one before this Fiona: The song was like a lot more energetic Umu: The ” I need you”?
Fiona: Wait… which one Umu: There’s I need you girl~ and then there’s the instrumentals for butterfly which isUmu: And at the credits there was house of cards Fiona: The “I need you girl” is more energetic
Henry: The second video that we watched had featured my favorite music Henry: I definitely think that this one featured some of the music that I like but the second one had all the music that I liked Henry: It was really interesting, it was almost like they purposefully put in Claire de Lune in the beginning to be like here’s the inspiration for this part of song Fiona: I really appreciated the song after that
Henry: … yeah Umu: Alright!
Kevin: It’s definitely not as confu— ambiguous Yunyi: That does seem like a—- that seemed like it was a feel good Kevin: It was also a healthy— it’s like a combination of the first and the second, you do get to see them like truly happy and their own little zone but it is grounded in reality with… yeah Yunyi: Was it? It was like ominously happy, I mean like, I don’t trust it Yunyi: Like I almost felt like it was like an expansion of like, if there was a dream sequence it felt like it was an expansion of dream sequence to me Yunyi: The song was pretty
Kevin: It was great, the ending one was the same, but the onewas very Umu: Dasi run run run~
Kevin: Yeah Umu:
Kevin: Yeah Kevin: I think it’s my favorite out of the three so far Umu: Awesome, yes
Kevin: Yeah, or the multiple yes