Classical Musicians React: Suga ‘First Love’

Kevin: well uh
Yunyi: well.. Kevin: That could be the biggest surprise Kevin: coming into kpop ever Kevin: For me, I’ve never expect to listen to just hear something like that Umu: Now you’ll be reacting to the fourth solo song of their Wings album, and this is Suga’s First Love Umu: I’m going to start off this script with saying that this song may have some of the most relatable Umu: Lyrics you may ever come across in a k-pop song for us musicians Umu: specifically. so Suga wrote in an interview that this is a meaningful song “First Love talks about the piano Umu: I used to play when I was young which also means it was the only friend Umu: I had, I cried a lot while recording, Umu: I kept crying at the emotion explosion part in the later half” so this is about Suga’s Umu: Love for music and piano that prevailed even through his hardships Umu: in the song you’ll hear him rapping from both like the pianos point of view and his own point of view and Umu: So you’ll hear him kind of change his voice to convey this story that he’s trying to tell
Charlotte: this is cool Kevin: Let’s get on with it
Yunyi: Sugar as Chopin, Chopin has a great quote about love and music yeah Yunyi: He said um “I tell my piano the things I used to tell you”
Umu: oh Yunyi: ISN’T THAT SO HARD HITTING?!?!?! Umu: Yeah, yeah Charlotte: it’s like a Korean Morgan Freeman
Peyton: AHAHAHAHA Kevin: whoa it’s like free rap rapping sort of
Yunyi: yeah it’s like narration sort of Jarod: The kind of distant piano in the background is like kinda helps the whole memory Peyton: setting up the groove now Lindsey: ohhh this is cute “when my height got a little taller than–” I can like imagine like a littel kid growing Fiona: I love that, “I didn’t realize then your significance” Emiel: I can tell there’s like a build of some sort to the story
Henry: yeah but I want it to happen now Fiona: I’m digging his Fiona: voice reflection as he raps Yeah, it’s like taking you on a journey yeah he’s like very rhythmic, pleasant
Lindsey: yeah it’s like Iambic Pentameter Jarod: insert strings you know? Peyton: this is quite the dialogue charlotte: woah Charlotte: like both of them
Peyton: Yeah Emiel: And what’s going on? I can’t really explain necessarily. It just kind of like it has this open vibe. I guess like Emiel: It’s not really strict to a beat or it’s not supposed to be groovy but like Kevin: Yeah, I can’t take this, this is a lot Lindsey: wait Lindsey: “even when I pushed you away you were firmly by my side ”
Fiona: this is such personification Lindsey: yeah this is incredible Emiel: and then he brings it back
Henry: see why wasn’t that *sings piano part* Henry: In from like…minute one? Emiel: There needs to be more like
Henry: that provides like necessary pacing to the song Emiel: yep, there needs to be some sort of rhythmic drive to this tune
Kevin: that sounds like a clock at the end Yunyi: Yeah, it was a clock or is it a metronome Kevin: No, no, I don’t think it’s a metronome
Yunyi: could be both Kevin: Maybe… yes
Yunyi: you know the metronome the acoustic metronomes Yunyi: acoustic metronomes, mechanic metronomes Fiona: So I loved in the lyrics how he kept referring to like I didn’t know how important you would be like Fiona: relatable content Fiona: OMG and then Fiona: Just like how he Fiona: Used hardcore personification with his instrument like I can really relate to that because I my horn is named Fiona: Florian and like it’s a person in work Fiona: We’re like best friends some days even though we get mad at each other, but it’s like you’re always there. It’s always my fault Fiona: It’s never you you know Fiona: You’re firmly by my side unless I knock you off a chair
Lindsey: yeah like (Fio: it’s really nice) the firmly by my side thing Lindsey: That’s like the one thing that almost got me Lindsey: Because it was like you’re firmly by my side like even when I try to push you away like you’re still there Lindsey: And it’s like ha ha because I sometimes feel like I don’t want to do anything
fiona: cause you’re too heavy Lindsey: But like my horn is still there Lindsey: No matter what and like no matter what I do like I always come back to it cause I have to Peyton: yeh I like get it, but the way he portrayed it just came out kind of..
Char: weird?
Pey: Yeah. Yeah, like he I think he.. what is it called? not personified Umu: Yeah
Charlotte: personified is the word yeah Charlotte: when you give life to an inanimate object
Peyton: Yeah, I think he took it a little too far like I don’t know Charlotte: I don’t think it was too far. I don’t know I think it’s very personal, but I think everybody’s Charlotte: Relationship with their instrument, is personal.
Peyton: I guess. I don’t know maybe because I don’t see Peyton: That like the music as like something that like saved me I guess or like Peyton: Something I don’t know it was just I guess it was like something Peyton: I like kind of like grew to love you know like I was introduced to it Peyton: And I was given the option to kind of pursue it so it’s just like oh, I’m pretty good at this Peyton: I’ll keep going and then it became a thing there’s just like aw man this is great Peyton: You know, but it wasn’t like something that like is all Peyton: I have you know like this is this is just is it Peyton: And I guess I guess like if you look at it from that perspective like then you can Peyton: See how he got like the whole like you know like you always with me Peyton: You’re always beside me like you know holding my hand. I was just like some of that Peyton: Just felt like kind of odd to me. Just because like I guess it’s not the way I see it, but like Peyton: Just like putting such like a like I mean literally transforming into this piano into like Peyton: an influential like being in its life you know which is like Peyton: I don’t know, there’s something very interesting you know
Umu: right so this one was more relatable for you? Charlotte: Oh, I just think that it’s relatable that you spend so much time with this instrument Charlotte: one on one that like in your head I guess it does become a Charlotte: a relationship of some kind Umu: Yeah, so first. Can you relate to his story? Katie: 100% oh yeah
Jarod: yeah Umu: How do you feel it was conveyed through his rapping style and like the strings and instrumentals Jarod: I mean Jarod: the things is cause like as far as the rapping style most of the time when we hear the rapping like idk the kind jarod: of the… Jarod: the pacing and Jarod: The rough rhyming that kind of happens like there wasn’t as much of that in this rap Jarod: I thought, I felt like it was very much more of him just like just going so first Jarod: I was like wait a minute this kind of has a different kind of flow to it, but then I realized Jarod: It’s like it’s more of just like him Jarod: Doing the soliloquy this kind of this dedication Jarod: And there just happens to be music in the background if that makes sense because the rhythm sometimes seemed a little like Jarod: Like not quite there, but it was cool Jarod: cause it had like a human element to it like it didn’t feel as meant like you couldn’t necessarily dictate it Jarod: But like it was still really powerful because it’s like you know. It’s just him just like freely like speaking which was cool Katie: I liked the build up that went along with the lyrics Katie: Because it was very like he took space in between Katie: phrases in the beginning he would just slowly start like having like a continuous flow of words and katie: When it got to the more intense part about when he was in despair and just hated Katie: Everything and even then piano was there for him and even when he didn’t want to play it was there for them him Katie: that’s when like all the instruments came in and it started building and that’s when he got louder and Katie: It was just a really gradual, but really effective Katie: grow and decay of Katie: The song I was getting a little choked up there Katie: And the in the build part especially when it the line about like you were there to see my birth Katie: You’ll see my life, and you’ll see my death and I was like oh my god Katie: that’s so real Kevin: Well Kevin: That could be the biggest surprise Kevin: coming into kpop ever Kevin: For me I’ve never expect to listen to just hear something like that
Umu: you okay?
Yunyi: yeah Umu: Surprised neither of you cried
Kevin: oh, no, it’s this close.
Yunyi: This I was like like telling myself like dude, cry in front of the camera Umu: How does that relate to your guys’s experience with the piano? Yunyi: dude i don’t know if I’m ready, I can’t share this on camera
Kevin: woah it’s getting yeah Yunyi: I mean thing is that like when you’re a musician like you don’t simply just Yunyi: Decide one day that you’re gonna like throw yourself into like we’re all we all know like how laborious like being a musician is Yunyi: And like you don’t just decide to throw yourself into this industry unless if you like seriously cannot Yunyi: Envision your life without it and it’s like like usually in that Yunyi: Like somewhere along that like realization like music comes to pull you out of someplace in your life Yunyi: You know in some way like it does something that is so like emotionally changing and like Yunyi: Something that is so profound that you can’t you know Yunyi: You can’t go any other way, and this like really I think it encapsulates all of that. You know… but like this especially was Yunyi: such a Yunyi: powerful story Kevin: especially when he said that you know there are days where I don’t even want to meet you Kevin: But then you were there, and you didn’t need to say anything and that’s that’s that’s when I’m just like okay Umu: Off the topic of what this is about Umu: Musically like the piano the string is
Kevin: it’s great it starts off so freely and you’re not sure where the beat is Kevin: The chords or kind of changing, this rapping is sort of not like you know Kevin: Strict in time and then it sort of just becomes in time or if it wasn’t time KEvin: I just couldn’t catch on with it, but then it just it started flowing and it gave more momentum Kevin: And it’s so natural and at the beginning Kevin: I was thinking how like his voice almost sounds like a kid’s voice some of the Kevin: Inflections like I’m like a woah because [demonstrates] Kevin: There were like a lot of those
Umu: yeah that was when he was switching between speaking as if the piano was talking to him Kevin: OHHHHH Okay
Umu: and him talking to the piano Keivn: But then later on I did not expect his voice just this let out you know Kevin: Just like the instrumental, so like just it’s just very well done. It’s very well thought out. Yeah Umu: Hello, everyone welcome to our channel if you’re new I’m the channel runner and producer of this series Umu: Thanks for watching this video if you enjoyed it Umu: Don’t forget to subscribe Umu: Also if you’re curious to see what else we are going to react to in the future go ahead and check the description Umu: For a bunch of links that I have to playlists and schedules, also Umu: Please check our patreon if you want to support us patrons get access to unedited full-length reaction videos access to exclusive content Umu: As well as early access to all the videos posted on here and more so thank you so much Umu: And I hope you have a wonderful day