Coachella Music Festival – Things You Don’t Know And Probably Should

Coachella Oh Felipe Are we still rolling? Uh you mean from Coachella? Bruh Coachella What’s up everyone my name is Nick Ben Yeah – two first names I get it – Two first names huh the fuck is up with that Let’s move on As many of you might know
twice every year in April there’s a festival that happens called Coachella
now I’ve been pretty fortunate I’ve gone to Coachella these last two years oh my god you’re so cool I’m on a new level and I thought at the end of this last Coachella that it
would be pretty cool to make a video regarding things that you don’t know or
don’t expect going into Coachella now a little disclaimer this video is intended
for people that have never been to Coachella so if you’ve been to Coachella
in these last few years and whatnot at least I hope that these are the things
that you could possibly relate to first First things first – Camping If you’re gonna be camping during Coachella weekend don’t expect
anything luxurious or comfortable Like seriously Although camping is cool with all the vibes and stuff and people just playing
beer games and just having a great time with one another it can get pretty bad
when you have to wake up at 6 a.m. thinking it’s 10 a.m. because of how
sunny and bright it is and that’s not to mention the worst of it the bathrooms
are really shitty Literally It’s fucking disgusting Alright here’s a story for y’all I remember going to the porter potty just
to drop a deuce you know do my thing and holy crap man I don’t know how the fuck
people fucking miss the damn toilet How do you not shit in the fucking toilet How do you not fucking make it dude And don’t get me started on the swarm
of flies in there it’s frikken nasty dude the worst part about this entire
experience is I’m doing my thing Five minutes into it I fucking realize that I
forgot my toilet paper Holy shit dude And I’m literally just sitting
there like what the fuck do I do And you know I tried to call my friends at the campsite Little do you know I fucking don’t have cell reception in the damn campsite
right I’m sitting there for 20 minutes and finally one of my friends decides to
come and check up on me and that’s when I get the fuck out of there Camping is fun though Seriously if you don’t mind waking up early or the nastiness of the
damn fucking bathroom you’ll have a blast Alright the next topic on hand is Drugs Literally everyone at Coachella is
on drugs but since this video’s about things that you don’t know or won’t know
going to Coachella let’s move on to the next topic Dust You’re in the middle of
fucking desert why wouldn’t you want to bring one of these bad boys man I’m telling you now don’t forget one of these things Otherwise you’ll be pretty fucked *Phone rings* *Cough* Yo, waddup Moses *Cough* How’s it goin man? Aaaayyyeeeee How was Coachella? It was hella good man *Cough* Dam bro You, you good? It was all that All that dust at Coachella man I’m fucking dying bro Shit man I mean I get it’s Coachella and all but I didn’t know you fucked with that hard shit bro Bro no it’s literally The dust at Coachella Man I cannot believe this guy anymore Water-melon Watermelon, watermelon, watermelon Alright there comes a time when a lot of you are gonna want to capture the moment that you have at Coachella and about half of you fucks are about to
take basic ass photos with a watermelon but don’t worry I’m guilty as fuck on
this too It was my first time at Coachella bros I had to capture the moment somehow All right onto the next topic – Claustrophobia For those of you that have never been to a
festival or in a mosh pit at a concert get ready to fucking die man
especially if you’re in the Sahara tent Literally you’re about to feel like a
fucking sardine out there and let me tell you about my experience at ASAP Rocky Alright so I’m at ASAP Rocky’s little like set and then legit I’m a
fucking sardine out there I cannot move my hands for shit and I was fucking
being picked up by the crowd left and right and everytime ASAP Rocky would do
something cool I’d be like lifted off the ground it was fucking nuts dude and then next thing you know my friends calling me from another tent telling me
to come to his tent and I’m like fuck that dude yeah sure I’ll be there I
might just end up crowd surfing my way there Alright the last thing I wanted to
talk about today is – Withdrawals and no I don’t mean from drugs you fucks that are
doing illicit activities and I’m Coachella is a
fucking amazing time probably one of my most favorite weekends every you’re
literally gonna have a fucking blast especially if this is your first time
going you’re just gonna walk into the grounds soaking up everything you’re just so lost but amazed at the same time and yeah it’s just a great
time everyone that’s gone in past years knows about the coachella withdrawals Alright so yeah just basically have a great time there and I hope all these tips are
useful as fuck Thanks for watching my video everyone I hope you guys enjoyed
it and especially enjoyed fucking Felipe’s ass staring at me the entire
time if you did enjoy the video please hit
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