Coke Studio Season 11| BTS| Aurangzeb| Mughal-e-Funk

There’s a rebellion by the musicians against Aurangzeb The one’s against conservatives and rigidity want music to triumph We’ve one requirement that it should be established like a band Maybe, have humnawa singers so that the focus stays on your act Keep your style entact, the Sherwani attire and wear turbans too In classical language, where the Tarana starts is in Ektala We’ll enter with the bass I’ll use this on Kami if he misbehaves with me So you’ve to follow this with me If there’s a margin to cut it short then, cut it short Maybe we should build up on this section These are the beats of the tabla The time signatures are also a little different Ok, so what’s the time signature? We can explore and interpret there Imagine Aurangzeb as the emperor now you can imagine the rest How i see it that the starting bit is all the positives by Aurangzeb Some of his acts were negative like he got his brother killed So if we musically connect this then the keyboard section has a few dark harmonies Before that, everything is positive But towards the end, we end it on a positive notion We’re just trying to say music is peace, love and harmony I hope it’s not clashing Or this maybe? We also do this Play it freely As free as it sounds then you’ll have more space Don’t try to play it fast as you will be going in arpeggiation mode ahead They all lie, they all lie I’ve seen him become a flower from the seed The most interesting part is where we go on 6 beats, no sorry 12 beats Then Babar Khanna got a 10 beat half of 1 The entire beat was stretched over 12 beats with a break after every tenth beat There was a difference of 2 Just to pick it up and sing and play it with hands was a little difficult