Composer Andrew Staniland explores the concept of Phi | Compositeur Andrew Staniland

This project with ENCOUNT3RS
began in the most unusual way. I received something in the mail from my new
friend Jean. This man I’d met on the phone;
bigger then life guy. And of course I knew his work. And I opened it up and it was
this stack of stuff. It was images and cut-outs from magazines
and articles, And there was a postcard that said
“With love from Jean, let’s talk!” To find the right composer was very important. Andrew Staniland stood out for me. I really wanted the composer to have an impulse
– a spark that would start something. But not a definite concept that would maybe
cage them in one direction. What Jean really wanted to do was explore
this idea of Phi Which is the symbol of the circle with the
line through it – the famous golden ratio. I was thinking ‘You’ve got to be kidding
me?!” I know Phi – I love Phi! I’ve done so much reading on it. In those images he sent me,
all the stuff was there. There’s an image of a hurricane spiral,
the same curve that’s in a mollusk’s shell. It’s in the sections of your fingers; from
big to low. It’s amazing! And he’s trying to sell this to me as something
you may want to try. I was like you got to be kidding me
– let’s go! To give composers and choreographers a chance
to develop a work in this way for the celebration of Canada’s 150 is pretty
much unprecedented. I think if there’s going to be a lasting
impact or a legacy from this 150 project is that we’ve given our creative artists a
really good shot at making something great.