Composer Anne Wang | The Roof

My name’s Anne Wang, I hail
from Sydney, Australia I’m one of the composers on
this project I played the piano as a young
child, as many people do As I grew older, I seemed to just
assume that playing around on the piano
was just a natural part of what
I was doing Eventually I also figured out that my parents really didn’t know
what I was practicing and if I was just sort of fooling
around and having fun and making up my own tunes instead of practicing some hard Chopin etude that I didn’t want to
touch then, they wouldn’t know Coming from, I think, a small
country with therefore a relatively small arts culture my constant feeling with
New York which I think is just amazing, is
that there is so many things happening
all the time what can I see and what can I
experience with the time I have rather than the constant struggle
of finding things that I’m interested in The piece that I wrote for this
project is named “Flitterings” Writing this piece and thinking of
it as something for dance I think I thought about the conception progression from
opening to ending which in music itself exists in a
very abstract manner I actually wanted something
more direct because I was thinking of
movement So I think I, for example, wanted
to make the climax of the piece very mucha climax