Composer Buddy Baker on Disney nature documentaries –

we did a number of nature documentaries
which were a real staple of the Disney series Steven special in it and and for
example one of the ones you did I think is pretty famous and it’s called one day
a teen and March destroyed what was that about
and why was that a favorite of doors well it it was my favorite because it
enabled me to do almost like a little tone poem for the whole picture and it
was made as a television show and our television show and it was such a
beautiful job from this book of Sally carrier is that right I think that’s her
name it was all about the Grand Tetons up in
Wyoming and it encompassed all the little animals and the birds and and it
was just a great little nature film it’s just terrific to work with how do you
draw your inspiration musically for a project like that well I think I think I
would get most of it by going back to things that I know that has worked
before that you can twist a little bit because I have a certain little little
sound that I would write for a reindeer that I know is that you know know from
the past that it worked well not that you writing the same thing again but the
same type thing and you see you see like little little birds or even even little
bugs and ants and things you know that that can be kind of cute and lively and
bright and busy and so yeah you get little formulas that
that work well for that and as then if you get real lucky you can work a theme
that you can encompass that these different moods and still be playing the
same same theme how were you guys assigned you composers
a sign I mean who would make the decision as to let’s let’s give buddy
one day a team Marche but let’s give Paul something else who decided that
usually the director I had about eight eight eight or nine directors at Disney
that would asked for me in fact one of them Jim Elgar he would wait until I
would get off a project before he wanted to give it to anyone else which was very
flattering because I some of my best work I did
with him I think but usually if a feature came up the director of it over
there it was almost like producer director would request Paul would when
can’t Paul do this or Olli Wallace he did a lot of the nature thinks and he
would want a volley for that so there’s been a few times where they would want
someone else and they would be available for a while and then they say well how
about buddy can he do it yeah so we passed it around it wasn’t that I I
would do it any better or or worse than anyone else it was just the time element
yeah and most of them felt that way it didn’t
they had their preferences but they weren’t dead set on it