Composer Buddy Baker on getting to know the Disney actors –

when you were doing all those television
shows did you interact much or at all with any of the Disney actors I mean
obviously you did on the Mickey Mouse show you did did no Annette did you ever
you know meet or interact with people like you know Tommy Kirk or Kevin
Corcoran oh yeah yeah all the time and even Fess Parker and he did another show
after after Davy Crockett and what was that call I’d forgotten but I did that
show with him and to this day I’m in touch with fest okay and I see some of
the Mouseketeers love Bobby Burgess I see him oh quite often and a little
Sharon and an aunt is not real healthy these days so don’t see her much anymore
but I saved quite a few of them but I’m assuming they have fond memories of
working with you on the old show yeah we all enjoy meeting up with the seats
whenever we can what about the voice-over talent on some of the
animation were you ever involved with that or had they were they long gone by
the time you came on the project I was involved as if if there was a song
involved in it like on well Fox ahem for example a Pearl Bailey sang some
songs Jim what’s his name we have a songwriter he’s he’s down at Branson
Missouri now Jim mmm Stafford Jim Stafford yeah he was one of the voices
there is the same some stuff but I unless they don’t my only involvement
would be with in case there’s a song