Composer Buddy Baker on his favorite Disney projects –

the one that was a favorite was Donald
mathmagic land that was made as a featurette first then it came to
television and I think we got the it was a conjurer featurette Award for that
show that was one of my favorites to do and and why because the technical end of
it and had a chance to work with Hans hob or the great German scientists that
came over here with von Braun and he was he was the the technical director on
that picture so all the mathematical equations came through him and it was a
fabulous picture to work on great others favorites other favors I I really
enjoyed the last feature I did the Fox or the Hound yeah that was an animation
I like I like that because that’s I was sort of a retelling a Bambi type story
again you know and I enjoyed that there’s a number of those live-action
things I enjoyed it did a thing called no deposit no return with David Niven it
was a fun picture – yeah a chance to do that kind of a contemporary type thing
one thing about the contemporary music at the time we were always very aware of
from wall suggestion don’t put a time limit on the music don’t date it so we
were careful about about that I remember one sequence I had and it was called a
lighthouse keeper they got there was a great shot of a school of
dolphins really just swimming around and making all these beautiful patterns and
they they just turned away from what they were doing and took about ten
minutes these dolphins doing it and cut it into the picture and this was Jim
Elgar again and I said Jim this is time that surfing music is at the at the top
of the music charts and I said I don’t think I should use it in here what do
you think he said well you’re right so I treated it like a ballet and he heard us
today it sounds just as good as it did back then