Composer Buddy Baker on the Bob Hope radio show –

the Bob Hope show so this one was on
that for two or three years do you recall how you got that gig yes
skinny Ennis had called me to write for Frances Langford on the show and I did
that and I ended up as more or less than a musical director of this show how soon
after you first started to write charts would you wind up his musical director
well it was during that first year that was pretty quickly yeah
because skinny Ennis and the whole band were drafted into the armed forces and
at that time we went on a search for a new band for for the hope show and that
was and we ended up with Stan Kenton on there Wow and I ended up doing his first
big hit arrangement and her tears flowed like wine so that’s great that’s the
waste and got on an abandoned he he was a wonderful person but the strange thing
about Stan he he really hated the show because he didn’t get to play anything
but I used to tell him her Stan you know you worked Balboa Ballroom and you had
300 people there and here you’ve got 30 million people here in here every every
week you know so he still didn’t it didn’t like like the show that much so
how much did you actually work with Bob Point a bit he used to try to Frances
Langford would would want to do a certain tune and and we would sort of
plant a seed with Bob and the first thing you know he would suggest to me
why don’t we do certain tuned so I used to be in contact with him you
conduct or did did stay when skin is skinny Ennis was there i he conducted
the van when Stan was there he would conduct her
sometimes I would conduct the show stuff what do you mean when you say the show
yeah Francis erase it for her or something like that okay or Stan was he
ill or something yeah I would conduct the whole show then you were still
pretty young it seems to me to be musical director of a radio show am i
right yeah I was worried about maybe 23:23 I’m like that good yeah doesn’t
that seem like that must have been exciting yeah look that tell you the
truth I didn’t even think of Earth in antennas job had to be done so it just I
just did it how much writing were you doing when you
are writing arrangements for four or five numbers a week more well at one
time one year there bluest of 43 I was writing all the music arrangements
needed on the Bob Hope show and I was doing the opening number on the Jack
Benny show and sending it back to Phil Harris so first I did that for a year or