Composer Nubim’s life story in the Netherlands / YTN TV broadcast

Soyoung Kim works in the Netherlands under the artist name ‘Nubim’. She shows the importance of various experience through her life. She worked in an architectural office and was a promising architect. But she made a life-altering choice at the age of thirty. I liked architecture so much, but I thought it was not what I could do best. So I tried to find other field in the arts which I could be a real professional. Meanwhile, I was deeply into jazz music at the period. Even if I didn’t know if I could be successful as a musician, I changed my way from architecture to music, because the important thing for doing music was not comparing with others, but doing ‘my music’. At the age of thirty, it is never easy to start a new career Despite opposition around her, Soyoung did not reverse her choice. She entered a university again and she started to study jazz music there. In her school days, she found that she had a greater talent for composing than playing. At the time she had been building her career and received recognition from getting numerous awards, she changed the course of life once again. I had a strong desire to recover the passion of that time when I first started music. I tried to find a country for study, and I reached to a conclusion that the Netherlands would be a country which fits me the most. So I courageously halted my activities in Korea and came to the Netherlands. Even if she studied jazz in Korea, In the Netherlands, she studied jazz first and then studied classical composition at school, for expanding her range to classical music. She held her solo concert at the beginning of November. It wasn’t usual that not a performer but a composer held her solo recital in there. Wilbert Bulsink (composer, Nubim’s main subject teacher) Klaas de Vries (composer, retired teacher of Codarts) On a new road to challenge, even as an Asian woman who doesn’t know how to speak their local language, about age, language, Asian, woman…even if everything was a disadvantage to her, Soyoung Kim believed her choice, finally she was recognized for her music. “It’s never too late to start. Do what you want to do.” That’s the reason why her words don’t sound empty. Rather than compare yourself with others, To think which way would be the best for you. I don’t think the age is not so important for a new challenge. I think it needs to ignore the social prejudices. I believe that all barriers can be overcome by effort if you do your best.