Cooking Carbonara with Carlo Mirarchi and Pairing It with a Funky Natural Wine

– Chef Carlo Mirarchi
from Blanca and Roberts’s. Thanks for having me man.
– It’s me, happy to be here. (laughter)
– Yeah, good to see ya. So what’s on the menu for today? – [Carlo] Today we’re gonna make a really traditional Carbonara. A lot of people think
Carbonara is made with Pancetta but it should be made with Mochila. – [Patrick] Awesome. (exciting music) So you said Pork Jowl which is
basically like a pork cheek. – It’s not really cheek, it’s the jawline. – Okay, great and how
long do you cure that? – So we cure it for about 20 to 25 days depending on how thick they are. And then we let them hang
for two months to dry. – Wow, okay. – So we’re gonna just use egg yolk. – How do I separate that, do I, is there a couple methods? – I think you could use your hands. – Use my hands, yeah. – [Carlo] You can handle it. – [Patrick] And I’m
putting it in there, right? – Yeah, just separate it and then put the yolks in one and the whites in another. – Okay.
– Don’t (censor beep) this up. (laughter) – [Patrick] If I can’t do
this right, woah, yeah. It almost slid right out. Does it matter if there’s like an sort of white or I want no white? – You want no white, yeah so. – No white.
– Yeah, go right in there. There you go.
– Good? – Awesome, amazing.
– Awesome. – [Carlo] And I am gonna cut this quanchai just into these medium sized batons. – [Patrick] Okay, good. – [Carlo] Towel for you, sir? – [Patrick] Yeah, thank you very much. – Just throw that there, no problem. (laughter) Now what you can do is grab this stuff, throw it in the pan we
have here, go for it. – Alright, this pan’s ready
to go, yeah, yeah, yeah. Makes more sense for me to do it. – [Carlo] Yeah, absolutely, absolutely. – [Patrick] I’m standing
right in front of it. Okay, so I want to turn this on? – I think turning it on might
be a good place to start. (laughter) We’re gonna use a lot of pepper in this. – [Patrick] Okay. – Like a lot.
– That’s a traditional thing with Carbonara, right?
– Yes. – The black pepper is kinda the, yeah. – You taste that pepper, absolutely. You want to be able to place
the herbs and the thyme and the actual flavor that
the fat has as opposed to just turning it into a
ya know, a pork crouton. – [Patrick] Yeah, wow,
it’s good, it’s just all coated in that pepper.
– In that pepper smell. – [Patrick] Yeah, it smells
great, it smells great. – You can smell the peppers a little bit. – Woah.
(Laughter) Can’t stick your nose too far in there. (laughter)
– That’s what she said. Okay, so you can see
here, that what we have, it’s like still relatively translucent. – [Patrick] Yeah. – That’s really what you
want, it’s not rendered out. – Yeah, it almost looks like olive oil. – Yeah exactly, yup.
– Yeah, yeah. – [Carlo] And then you can drop
these nice noodles in here, just get some of the excess flour off. – These are not, you didn’t, these outta the grocery store.
– It’s not Barilla. – No, it’s not, just pop it right in? – [Carlo] Drop it right in there. – [Patrick] Alright. – [Carlo] And give the basket a shake. So we’re gonna get,
always get a little bit of the pasta water out of
the basket into the bowl. Give it like a nice toss, if
you wanna grate some cheese. – Yeah, definitely.
– That’d be awesome. – [Patrick] Where am I doing
it, just on back of this? – Right in the bowl, right
in the God damn bowl. – [Patrick] Right in the
bowl, right okay, right away. – Yeah, get a little bit higher. – Okay. – ‘Cause I’m gonna toss this right. There we go, I’m gonna try
to get some air in here too. Try to get most of it in
the actual pan, please. (laughter) – [Patrick] How many of these
do you think I can do at once? – I think we’re good for now,
apparently not that many. (laughter) – There’s a reason why I stay in the front of the restaurant, okay. And you’re just looking for consistency. That’s what your, yeah, your. – Yeah, exactly, so essentially
what we’re making right now is a grecio, which is essentially cheese, pecorino and quanchia,
once you add the eggs, it actually becomes a Carbonara. – Egg yolks.
– Egg yolks, yes, Thank you, Chef.
(laughter) – Be careful, I’m starting to get it. – You learn fast.
(laughter) So now we have like a nice emulsion. We’re gonna let it just
cook down a little bit more. Cheese is fully
incorporated at this point. The other thing I really like about doing these type of pastas like the Carbonara, the Amatriciana’s, Grecia, Cacio e Pepe’s, you’re basically just
building emulsion while you’re making the dish, ya know. – Right. – But it’s something that’s
so easy to make at home. It’s ’cause it’s such a
limited amount of ingredients. – [Patrick] Yeah. – This is pretty much in
a good place right now. What I’m gonna have you do
is add the egg yolks for me. – Okay, just pop ’em in, all three? – Pop ’em right in there.
– Okay. – Boom, nice, now we’re
just gonna really toss. ‘Cause the idea is you
really want to let the pasta soak in this mixture
and slowly bring it down. And that’s the kind of a
sound you want to hear too. That nice squish.
– Yeah. That’s a familiar sound.
(laughter) – Yup.
(Laughter) And I’m not gonna try and rush this at all because obviously we don’t
want these eggs to cook. So we’re just gonna let it
come down real nice and slow. – Yeah, ’cause if it
goes too hot, the eggs will start to scramble, yeah.
– You’ll have scrambled eggs. – Okay, right.
– Exactly, right. You’ll ruin all our hard work. – Yeah, no, I don’t want to do that. Pasta looks great and it’s
getting more concentrated. – [Carlo] It’s really starting to bind. – [Patrick] Yeah, yeah,
I mean it’s beautiful. – So we’re getting really close now. – Yeah, it’s amazing
how it’s changed, yeah. – It’s really starting to bind. – And the sauce is sill really clear. It’s not murky, it’s beautiful. – Yeah, this is really nice. – Well, this looks like
it’s getting close. – [Carlo] Very close. – Maybe I should get that wine
open so that breathes, yeah. – Please do.
– I didn’t bring any Italian wine to have with this dish. (surprised laughter) – Oh, nice, are you gonna savor it? – So this is, I know this
is one of your favorite bottles of wine, yeah.
– I love it, absolutely. – Ya know, just thinking about the dish and especially with Pork, right? You get that kinda funky nope to it. – [Carlo] Yes. – And I think ya know, a funky wine and also, we’re doing cheese and spice and all these kind of
complex and interesting components and for me,
the wines that really reflect in the interesting,
funky way would be Pet-Nat’s and especially
this guy, Robeno. – Right, of course. – Who we really know is really
one of the craziest guys. – Top guys, top guys. – Yeah, he’s the best. – [Carlo] Very excited. Petemu which is Chenanblanc Pet-Nat and since you know, there
are wines that are bottled during their fermentation process so they remain sparkling but they’re not like sparkling like Champagne. Yeah, usually there a little, almost like half sparkling, right?
– Yeah. – I mean you can even see.
– And such a great character. – Yeah, wow, that smells great. – [Carlo] And every bottle’s different. – 100%, yeah, cheers.
– Cheers. (rock music) Mamma Mia.
– It’s good. And I think also, this wine,
that acidity that it has too. Which give it tension,
I think you need to cut through some of that.
– Absolutely. – There’s some fat in that
bull, let’s be honest, right? – Yeah, absolutely, this is not something you want to eat more than
once a week at the most. (laughter) – And also, I love the idea of
looking at this glass of wine and looking at that, it’s
like, they’re both like. – [Carlo] Their colors
work really well together. – [Patrick] Yeah, they both
have this great, kind of golden, it just seems to make sense. – [Carlo] Right, cheers buddy. – Cheers.
– Thanks for having me. (glasses clanging) – Thank you. (rock music) – [Patrick] I’m sure to
cross swords with you here. (laughter) I got way too much.
– Oh boy. – King of this pasta.
(rock music) I feel like, because this wine is a little funkier in texture it almost amplifies that funkiness that you get from the quanchia,
like, which is the thing that makes this dish
really special, right? ‘Cause it’s like perfectly
seasoned, so thanks again. – Thank you.
– Salute. (rock music) Oh, that’s really (censor beep) good.