Crate Diggers Ep#6 – Soul Funk Disco | Vinyl Record Collection | Eng Sub

Hi its Kashif ! We’re back in my shop in Lyon (France). Today I’m not going to talk about my life! I’m going to share with you a selection of 8 records that I really like. We start right now with the 1983 LP of Active force produced by Michael Stokes who also produced Enchantment, Magic Lady… Also in this band The Steele family and Gerald Mallory who released a 12” single on Prelude Records in 1982. This is an ultra complete LP with many bangers “Keep On Walking” “Cold Blooded Lover” “Bottom Line” “Wise Up” that I play a lot during my DJ gigs. and of course their biggest hit “Give Me Your Love” Patrice Rushen & Paulinho DaCosta also participated to this album This is the first “rare” record that came to my attention when I started to collect records. This is my holy grail! Now we’re moving to the UK with the band Paradise It’s Brit Gospel band The album is entitled “World’s Midnight”, their second album. Singer Paul Johnson joined the band for this album Several killer tracks on it: “Worlds Midnight” “Your Love” “Stop And Think”, “Success” This album is a perfect combination of Gospel, Jazz Funk, Modern Soul & Boogie A very complete album If you wanna learn more on this band, I recommend you the book “British Black Gospel” that includes a chapter on Paradise and other bands like Clarity Written by Steve Alexander Smith. A really good book! The next record is Mike Ballard & After Midnight A record from Miami This is the second press on Love Daddy Records The original press was released on Ballard Palmore Records (Canada) The track is called “Tight Jean” I play this tune quite often during my gigs We’re moving back to the UK with this Brit Jazz Funk 12” by Inch By Inch (previously known as Yeow Band) with Sheila Giles on vocals The track is called “If It’s Magic (We Don’t Want It)” This an obscure record released on Blue Of London Records in 1980. This track will soon be reissued on a compilation called “In The Red” along with other killer Brit Funk bangers. I was lucky to find this copy in a dead stock For the next record I would like to present Colin This is some late 80’s music released in 1989 on Freshno Records (sub label of Jam City Records) It was offered to me. It contains 4 tracks. It contains some dancefloor tracks such as “How It Used To Be” & “Club Lover” and the midtempos “Mixed Emotions” & “Can We Talk?” 4 tracks! 4 killers! Very obscure record! Now this is a classic even though it is rare! Just like Goldie Alexander & Loni Gamble, it comes from Canada This is the ultra complete album by Maurice Massiah (1982) For this album 2 other Canadian bands were involved: Tchukon & Amra Ultra complete Lp with the monster tunes “We Can Go To Your House” ” I Want A Woman Like My Daddy Had” “How Long” , “Seven Heaven” and of course the hit of the LP “50/50 Love”! But my personal favourite remains “Dancing To The Beat” It is s strange track but I love it. It’s a shame Maurice did not release any more albums! He’s an amazing singer! Now we’re going to Nigeria I picked this record during m first trip to London when I was 18. I did not know it at the time. I found it by chance in the 50p Bargain boxes on the floor. I found the cover pretty funky, so I decided to buy it! At the time I did not know anything about Nigerian funk This is Chris Mba second album “Take It To The Top” (1987) Produced by the Lemmy Jackson The tracks I like are “Give It To You” “Take It To The Top”, “I Miss Your Style” and “A Little Touch” which is for me the real banger of this album with a crazy synth intro! To finish on this record selection I would to present this 7inch single Bill “Space Lady” I made myself an artwork on the white inner sleeve when I was bored some years ago… This is the B side released on Dollar Bill Records This record is for me the ultimate Modern Soul record The A side “I Feel Good With You” is also a good track Incredible production and vocal on this record! It’s over! I hope you enjoyed my selection! Thank you Top Shelf for giving me this opportunity to speak! See you soon!