Create a PRO DISS TRACK Music Video

[Music] You’re fired Yannick! Jordy here for! and welcome to copy cat Friday! Whoo Hoo! Today we’re going to breakdown
those diss tracks. Apparently they’re popular
among kids these days. That’s why Yannick made one. Now, back in my day you would just
yell at the person that you didn’t like, but today people write a song and
film a music video to do that. How awesome is that? That is what I call
being creative! The video today is sponsored
by Rocketstock’s Radium. And that where those epic
lens flares you saw. We’ll dive deeper into it and
if you’ll stay till the end you’ll find a special surprise
from the sponsor. So, here’s what you need to do to create
your own diss track music video. First off you’re going
to need a beat. And it’s very important that you have
permission from the creator. So, there’re a few options, you could either create your own beat
in Garageband or Reason, or you could ask someone for
permission to use their beats. Since this is not our world, we where very fortunate to use one
of the beats from Johnny September. You can find a link to his Soundcloud
in the description below. So, once you’ve got your beat,
you put your lyrics underneath. Alright I’ll stop now. You need to listen very careful to the rhythm
of the music and the repetitive loops. Try to fit the lyrics you write within. Something that always
works great are rhymes. They help to keep the rhythm
in your lyrics as well. So, once you’ve written that out
it’s time to record your track. And you wanna do this in a silent
place that has little reverb. What helps are putting sheets up in a room,
or placing mattresses against the wall, anything that could
absorb the sound. We have a DIY studio at home and if you would like to see how we’ve
created these sound absorption panels, you can click in the
cards up there. Next you wanna sit close to the mic that has a
wind shield, so that you don’t hear those pops. Again, if you don’t have that, be creative
with what you have laying around. Perhaps put a sock around it. Through the headphones you play back
the song and record the rap. And you wanna make sure to
adapt your voice to the song. If it’s aggressive music, then make sure
to use an aggressive voice as well. And we’ve found out that it’s often easier
to just say the lyrics instead of singing them, definitely if you’re not that
great of a singer like us. It’s probably going to need
several takes to get it right and… …you can edit different pieces
together in post-production. Now, speaking of post-production, after
you’ve synced up your voice with the beat, you can add some additional effects
to your voice to make it stronger or perhaps add different styles to it. I won’t be going too technical
with this, but… …if you’re using Premiere Pro, you can
head over to essential sound, select dialogue and enable the
dynamics for a more present voice. [Music] Your diss track is ready, now it’s time
to shoot that awesome music video. First up is the location. Think about something that would match
with your lyrics and the genre of the music. Usually urban places, or streets, or on the hood of
a Lamborghini will work just fine. If you don’t have a Lamborghini,
don’t worry. You can also just go for a dark place and setup some lights to
create the right atmosphere. And when it comes down to lighting,
there’s one thing that always works: Light from the back, pew! So, let’s bring in some led panels and I’m just going to keep
them in the shot, because it’s cool. You wanna show off that you’re
better than the rest. And because, you know, my Lamborghini
just happen to be in for a repair, I’m going to show off
my Aputure lights. As for the front lighting, go high
and hit the subject hard. Create deep shadows as that fits
perfect with the kind of music. To add in some more drama,
we’ll use a smoke machine. This is a cheap thing
I got for 30 bucks, which I also featured in our video
about 5 film tools under 50 bucks, which you can find a link to,
again, in the cards up there. Dress appropriate. Or just think about how you would
like to present yourself on camera. And you’re ready to go. Now put on the music and
lip sync on the lyrics. Your camera work doesn’t
have to be so clean. Definitely go handheld and
add a little shake to it. What works great is filming wide angle and
letting your talent come close to the lens. Also experiment with low angle shots, as that will
make your talent look down on the audience and impressing the
person he’s dissing. And to increase that
aggression a little bit, shoot at a higher shutter speed
to reduce the motion blur. Shoot the entire video from multiple
angles and perhaps some different places. You could also just film
yourself dancing or… …doing something to visually
express your feelings. If you know your cuts upfront, you can swipe your camera in the
beginning and the ending of every shot. Combining these two together already
gives you a nice a simple transition. Afterwards, you sync all of your shots together
on the music track in post-production. And now it’s time to show off
some crazy effects. [Music and sound effects] Flares! Anamorphic flares, guys! That is what you need! And Rocketstock’s Radium
has you covered! Simply drag and drop any of the 120 flares
and try out some of the different blending modes. Definitely try it out yourselves,
guys, because I was asked to give away
several samples for free, which you can download
from the description below. And on top of that, anyone who purchases the pack before
the end of September gets 30% off. You can visit the first link in the
description below to go to their website. Furthermore, glitch effects
are a great addition too. And we actually have five glitch
presets for Adobe Premiere that you can download for free. Again, you can find a link to it
in the description below. Now, don’t overdo
those glitch effects, just add them as a transition or
a little distortion here and there. And what can’t be missed
is the earthquake effect. It’s a simple shake that you can create
with the transform effect in Premiere. For every frame you wanna
change the position of the clip and enable motion blur by
disabling this checkbox. Now, at this moment we’re actually working on a
pack that will hold five different earthquake presets. So, make sure to subscribe to the channel
as we’ll publish this next Tuesday. And like all of our designer
packs, it’ll be free. The final touch: the color grading. Here’s what you have to do. Open up the Lumetri color panel inside
Premiere Pro and head over to the color wheels. For the shadows,
pump in blue or teal. And for the mid tones do the
opposite. Pump in orange. Make sure to increase
that contrast, and bang! You’ve got yourself
the teal and orange look, that goes perfect together with
your diss track music video. And to be confident that everyone
will understand your lyrics, you can put subtitles
underneath. But make sure to choose a
heavy font and that they’re big. That’s how you get attention. [Music] It was super fun again
to make this tutorial! You guys have no idea how
great it felt to diss on Yannick. Well, he probably feels
the same way. Anyways, we need
a jury, guys. We wanna know from you, who was the
best rapper and who has won the battle. So, let me know of that
in the comments below. And… …make sure to pick me. I make sure the transition completion
lines up with the shape I’ve created and with the wipe angle, I can
get the angle to line up too. And now it seems like the text
is coming out behind the line. So again, many possibilities
with a simple effect. Make sure to subscribe
to the channel because we are putting out new
videos every Tuesday and Friday. Thank you so much for watching and as always… …stay creative!