#CSBIC2019 Finalists – Music is Life

One of the global problem in the world is
the destruction of natural and animal for the sake of people. As is now the national
popular musical instrument of Azerbaijan, Tar is made from sweet trees and the shell
of cow’s heart. In many countries this is considered barbaric and this problem needs to be solved. Our solution is the production of Tar on a 3D printer. The weight will be
modelled and this will prevent deformation of the back and chest of the act performance.
Inside we will install a bluetooth microphone which will allow the performance to move comfortably
on the stage. The size will depend on the customers wishes. The mostly income from this
idea will be about £1000. The reason for our enthusiasm is the health of yours and more advanced generations
and a greener world. Music is life, life is nature, take care of our nature.