Danny Elfman Teaches Music for Film | Official Trailer | MasterClass

The first time I was in
front of an orchestra hearing my own music, it’s
like, I want to do this. In the course of
this MasterClass, I’m going to tell you
from my perspective how I do these things. We’re going to talk
about instrumentation. We’re going to talk
about orchestration. We’re going to
talk about melody. We’re going to talk
about the tone. The most important thing you’re
going to capture in a film score is going to be the tone. One more time. Hearing the downbeat– bomm. When somebody starts
talking about this should be in such and such a
key because such a key feels that way, that’s bull****. You can turn any key
into anything you want. I use a device called Axe-Fx. Changing the size
of the amp, changing the size of the speaker,
distortion, overdrive, all night long tweaking,
tweaking, tweaking, tweaking knobs. If you’re able to find
something that stands out as an original
thing, you are going to find a fast ticket to
getting yourself more work. After a hundred and something
films, I’m constantly insecure, but here’s the hitch. It’s OK to fail,
to feel insecure, doubting yourself, finding
confidence and moving forward, and then doubting
what you’ve just done. I think this is the
life of a composer, and I think it’s the
life of an artist. If you’re really
going to succeed, there’s no other way but
by doing, making mistakes, and then learning from those
mistakes and moving on. If you take the time,
and you learn it, I promise you it’ll
serve you well. I’m Danny Elfman and
this is my MasterClass.