David’s Quilt Composer Spotlight: Michel Klein

Music has been part of my life and so I
should perform since I was five wasn’t until I went to Ithaca College
for my undergrad in composition that I gained any sense of the craft, what it
truly meant to compose a work. Spent some time of Jerusalem. I did some composition there and some soul searching and exploring and then it came back to UCLA
about 2014 and this is, going into my fourth year now and I’m a PhD student in
composition I have the section called David’s teshuva which you could
translate as David’s repentance but it actually means more return so it’s this
idea of David returning to himself He wants to come home I reflect that in the music where harmony is home and dissonance is leaving.
and the journey through going from harmony to dissonance and back to
harmony. it’s so important that there’s such a
diverse spread of Composers first of all you think of the quilt what makes it
grow beautiful is the fact that you have many different pieces of fabric coming
together to create this beautiful texture. I have no doubt that because of
the people I have been involved behind this project that it’s gonna be a really
successful project it’s gonna communicate something really beautiful
to the audience.