Day 8 – 30 Days of Yoga – Beginners Yoga

“Hi I’m Lin,” “And I’m Leo. Welcome again to our sequence of Yoga Challenge Days. I think we are on day 8 now…?” “We are. We’re on day 8 and we’re going to start on the mat in Adho Mukha Virasana. So come and
join us! So if this is your first day and you are
joining us on day 8, this thirty day, ‘Get Up and Go’ series is for complete beginners (to yoga). So you’ll be absolutely fine. You’re coming into Adho Mukha Virasana, and as you come into the hinging action of the forward bend, if your buttocks are not reaching your heels then, [pointing at Leo] this is a very good demonstration – like that! [Laughter]Then you need to direct your buttocks; as long as your knees are nice and
comfortable, move your buttocks in a backward direction. And place between the
heels and the bottom a cushion or a folded blanket. So reaching in this
position. Being that this is our first pose, just stretch out the body. Be aware
of your breath and breathe from your outer hip to your armpit. Just take a
few moments to get into the zone. Soft inhalation and exhalation.
Whilst you’re just observing your breath, be aware that your palms are
moving deeply into the floor and from that action, you’re able to lock your
elbows and to lengthen the upper arms right up into the socket. Reach these
shoulders back, so the shoulder blades need to go towards the back waist. And you have to see that you weight down the back of the pelvis and the buttock bones (move) towards the heels. Coming into our next pose which is Adho Mukha Svanasana, so Dog Head Down.
Tucking your toes under, and lifting up. So some of you who are joining us today for the first
time, this is Dog Pose. You may be familiar with the shape. See that you get
as much height as possible in the buttocks. Be sure that you’re grounding down into the base of the pose. So you’ve gotta press strongly into those palms, lock your
elbows and lengthen through your upper arms. Lifting the abdomen towards the spine and then push those thighs sharply back. Sharply back. good. So just be there for a few moments. Observe your breath again. Pull up your kneecaps, thighs. We’re
going to step or jump forward for Uttanasana. So either jump or you can step
one leg and the other. Be in Uttanasana. So again as we always say, depending on
the length of the inner leg, will dictate how far you can go into this pose. In
the very beginning a lot of people find this really challenging. So you may need
to put your hands onto a couple of yoga bricks, if you have them handy, or a chair or even onto your shins or thighs. Depending, (on your flexibliity). You have to see that your spine is
really nice and long, not in a domed shape like this really. Okay? So we’ve got to really try to get those spinal muscles really nice and open and long, so that you can activate the leg muscles. So always be
aware that these shoulder blades are moving back towards the back waist. Then, pulling up your leg muscles, coming out of the
pose. Put your hands onto your pelvis, Draw your abdomen toward your spine and
reach, from lifting your chest first. And coming up. Good, and just stand in Tadasana with your hands down beside you. Roll your shoulders back and
down. Soft inhalation, exhalation. Just take a few momints in this standing position. Weight down with the heel bones and pull up with the legs. All 4 corners of the knees need to be lifting, and lift out of your pelvis. Our next pose is Parivrtta Trikonasana. So it’s quite a challenging one this one. So Leo’s going to use 2 bricks. So we’re going to come into this pose from Parsvottanasana. Are we ready to go?” “We’re ready to go. If you don’t have yoga bricks, you can always use the
seat of a chair, so if you don’t have equipment, don’t worry about it.” “Yes, that’s true. So turning your left foot to a 45 degree angle, just roughly, and step your right leg forward. Lift up throughout the front body and be
sure, as we said yesterday, about the hip alignment in these forward-facing poses.
You have to see that it’s not like this (points to Leo) – it is like this! So you’ve got to see that your outer left hip is coming forward, so that it’s facing the front end of the
mat. This may take a little time and again, as we said yesterday, if your
heel lifts, then just see that you place something underneath it. So that you can actually stamp down to give you more stability. Lift up, chest up, Reaching forward, hinging at the hips, and coming into
your Parsvottanasana. So in this action, you’ve got to see that you lengthen the outer hip. The outer front leg, the outer right leg, has got to really
move back in this way. Good. We come for the twisting action of
the pose; the Parivrtta Trikonasana. The first stage, if this is new to you, then
we’re just going to go in stages.You’re going to take your right hand onto your
pelvis, onto the back of the lower spine, the sacral area here. And just see, can
you turn in this position? Now if this is going really well you can transfer
this left hand to the outer side of your right shin, in this position. And continue
to turn. Continue to get that length, as we said, and push back into your back leg. Soft inhalation, exhalation. And then if you can, stretch that arm up. So go from these stages, one, two and three. You can stay at stage one, you can move on to two or you can complete (the pose), in
this way. And then releasing. B careful how you come out. You can transfer the hands back
again, and then lift the chest, push into your back leg and come up into a
standing position. Good. And step your back leg forward. And now stepping back to the edge of the
mat again. Coming for the other side. So you’re going to step your left leg forward. You’ll know what to do this side. Remembering, yes -that hip action. Hips facing forward, towards the front edge of the mat. Hands
onto your hips. Roll your shoulders back and down. Lift up. Hinge forward taking
the hands to the bricks and again see that you’re trying to level these hips.
It’s quite difficult to see when you’re practicing. But you’ve got to draw these thighs back. You’ve got to almost imagine that you’ve got a bit of rope pulling these hips back, so
that these hips are drawing back nicely, the back the pelvis (drawing back) nicely. Okay so we’re going to turn the other way now. So it will be you keeping your right hand where
it is, take your left hand to the sacral area. And roll that shoulder back. Pulling up with the legs strongly. See that the soles of the feet. the heel bones are grounding down into the ground.
Now if you can keep this action, then you can transfer that right hand to the
outer side of your left shin, and roll again. So eventually in this pose, you would take
the hand to the floor, but we’re just doing a modified version today. Extend
that top arm up. Soft inhalation, soft exhalation. Opening the palm.
Count to 5 if you can, and then slowly releasing out of the pose. Unfold the body. Just don’t collapse in the
pose. Unfold first. Look forward, pushing back into the legs. And then soften the knees so that you can bring that back leg forward. Roll your shoulders back and down. Just be
there for a few moments. Again, just absorb all that work. Lifting the
chest up, roll your shoulders back and down. So you can take as long as you like
in this position. Just to settle the breath, and just to feel that grounded,
rooted action at the base of your standing position. We’re coming down to floor work now. So our pose is Malasana. This can be quite challenging for beginners. This is
a kneeling position. So we’re going to use a rolled blanket for the heels. You can see here for Leo, she’s going to step onto here, feet together. Now if you have difficulty with your knees, then you can take the feet a
little bit apart but otherwise have the legs together and just be in this
position. It’s like a squatting position with the thighs together. Be sure that you’re anchoring down with your lower back region, your tailbone, your sacrum. But also drawing in with the abdomen and lifting up in the chest. Okay, if you find
this is a little bit unbalancing, you can have a chair in front of you, so you
can put your hands on to the chair. Or even a wall, or even if you have a post
you can hold onto a post, that’s quite nice way of working, it really gets the hips nice and open. But we’re just going to reach the arms forward. Have a look. Yes, so you can see extending the arms in this way! Go on reaching forward, and as you reach forward with those arms, you have to see that you ground down again with
those buttocks. And breathe. Soft inhalation, soft exhalation. And again
you can stay in this pose whilst you are working. Eventually (your heels) do go
further and further down to the floor but we’re not going to go that far
today in this pose. We’re just introducing Malasana in a really basic way. And coming out of the pose, you can put your hands back to the floor. And slowly lifting up, how you came into
it. Yes. Alright, so coming into your Sukhasana (Easy Pose) action, into your cross legs position. So this sequence comes to an end now. Day eight?” “Yes, Day 8! Thank
you very much for joining us today. Please like the video if you enjoyed
practicing with us and we hope to see you tomorrow for another session.” “Yes, thank you for watching.” “Namaste.” “Namaste.”