DAY6 Introducing My Instrument #3 Jae

Introducing My Instrument (Jae) Hey, this is Jae of DAY6. Today I’d like to introduce my instrument to you all. Q. About your position in the band? I’m the lead guitar in the band. I usually play lines and sometimes also play backup. When DAY6 play together in a concert I play chords What I just played is “Wish”, In a song like “Wish”, Sungjin and I play the same line. The same chords. This is to give more power to the sound when playing live. Normally like in “Letting Go” I play lines like these in the chorus. From time to time, I play the solo. I guess you could call me the ‘Spicing’ in DAY6. Q. How did you start playing the guitar? When I was little a friend came over to my house and started playing the guitar. My dad’s acoustic guitar was lying around all the time. Then suddenly my friend came over, picked it up playing chords and started singing. This was a shocker for me because I always thought that Only professional singers could sing a whole song while playing the guitar. That you needed tremendous amount of time and practice to pull it off. However I realized then. ‘If my friend can do it, why not me?’, that lead me to start playing the guitar. Q. What makes the electric guitar attractive? I prefer soft, emotional music. There are things that only the guitar can express. For example there is a mute in every instrument But there is that unique feel that only the mute and open sound of the guitar can express. Take for example like that intro I played at the start. If I play it more softly or subtly, I feel that I can convey my emotions more. That’s what I think. Q. Any tips or know-hows on playing the electric guitar? I play lines that aren’t ‘usual’ because I know less about the conventional lines. I’m not familiar with what the normal route is, so I tend to come up with my own more. I might be playing things like this Then I would think of riffs like this. I’m not saying that it’s impossible for other people to play it. I can go where my mind takes me. I think that’s my advantage. Q. The reason behind changing guitars between songs? Many people are curious as to why I keep changing my guitar during the concert. I’m going to tell you why. First of all, the guitar needs to be ‘tuned’so for some songs this is the lowest note. But for some songs you have to go one step lower. So to play along with other instruments I have to tune it lower than the lowest note About this much. This is what is called a ‘down tuning’ changing the tune. However, timewise I can’t keep tuning this during a show. So instead of having to tune one by one, I thought quickly switching guitars is much more efficient. That is the reason I am using 2 main guitars. Also according to the how and what wood it’s made of. The sound varies depending on how much it’s aged, peeled et cetera So the guitar needs to change depending on what sound is needed in a song. Q. Do you have a name of your guitar? I have 2 other guitars. They all have names, but I haven’t yet given this one a name. There isn’t a particular reason. It’s just that I haven’t come up with the right one. I am really attached to it because it’s so pretty and all. So it’s hard for me to name it just in case I would regret it. I’m still pondering. Q. About your solo in the FINALE Concert? The guitar solo I played at the FINALE was AC/DC’s “Back in Black” I was really worried because it’s a SUPER SUPER famous song. However I was happy because you guys loved it. “Back in Black” felt strange to me at first. When I first picked it, I still wondered ‘Is this right? No?’ I don’t usually play this really rock-ish songs. I don’t usually play things like this. I had some trouble with this part. This line, my hands found it hard to get used to. It’s not a SUPER hard line, but I’ve never really played anything going back and forth in minor pentatonic. It goes back and forth one, two, almost 4 times. I was difficult and first. But with guitars it works out somehow. Q. What does the electric guitar mean to me? To me, the guitar was the start of my music. If there was no guitar, I wouldn’t have started singing, or less. If I sang less, I wouldn’t be here. So the guitar for me, is the start of my music.