Dead Mom | Beetlejuice The Musical in Real Life

Hey Mom, Dead Mom
I need a little help here I’m prob’ly talking to myself here
But Dead Mom I gotta ask Are you really in the ground?
Cause I feel you all around me Are you here, Dead Mom?
Dead Mom Dead Mom
I’m tired of trying to iron out my creases I’m a bunch of broken pieces
It was you who made me whole Every day Dad’s staring at me
Like all “hurry up get happy Move along
Forget about your mom” Cause Daddy’s in denial
Daddy doesn’t wanna feel He wants me to smile
And clap like a performing seal Ignored it for a while
But Daddy’s lost his mind for real You won’t believe the mess that we’ve become You’re my home My destination
And I’m your clone Your strange creation
You held my hand And life came easy
Now jokes don’t land And no one sees me
Nothing seems to fit Mamma is this it?
Are you receiving? I want something to believe in Or I’m done Take me where my soul can run Or I’ll be in my bedroom Wake me when I’m twenty one Daddy’s moving forward Daddy didn’t lose a mom Mamma won’t you send a sign? I’m running out of hope and time
A plague of mice, a lightning strike Or drop a nuclear bomb No more playing Daddy’s game I’ll go insane if things don’t change Whatever it takes to make him say your name Dead Mom Hey guys! Thanks for watching! Make sure to check out our Merch store to
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