Der Drogen-Trip – Episode 4 der schwul-lesbischen Serie von funk

. Wir machen folgendes:
Ich bin deine Mutter. Ja? Du sagst jetzt genau das,
was du später sagen willst. Okay. Mama – ehm– …ehm… Ich bin lesbisch. Ich bin lesbisch. Lesbisch, queer, was auch immer. Du wirst nichts vererbt bekommen … … und ich will nie wieder
mit dir sprechen! Das war die schlimmstmögliche Reaktion. Jetzt nochmal. Mama – Ich bin lesbisch. Ich liebe Frauen. Ich will es nicht mehr verstecken. Was ist mit Enkeln? Naja, ich kann trotzdem
Kinder bekommen. Das – oh, das ist wunderbar! Ich hab’ dich sowieso lesbisch erzogen. Move over. We found your booze destillery! Ouch! Lara has her period! I’ll help her for a sec. You’re kidding me, aren’t you? What? She’s 15, of course
she’s up to booze. That’s not only ‘booze’. What? That’s not funny! Sorry … After everything that happened today,
I’ll have to think the matter over … … if I’ll go on handing down
the bar to you. I worked hard for this bar. You don’t know what work actually is. I gave the bar to my son … … and after his death I put my
trust in you. What’s the deal!? She likes you. Beer, anyone? Just me then. Irina, you sitting on your hands
is puzzling me: Leopold has no girl friend … … and those crazy ideas from Lara… … if it goes on like that
you’ll never have grandchildren. I– Lara is in a certain stage,
she has to find herself. Find myself? No finding. I already found me. Okay: Mum? If Mehmet’s Leos’s best friend … … I’ll wanna have just the same
kind of a friendship. D’you get it? Not you, too. But why? Why? Are you serious? How much did she drink? No idea. Heeey! Just stay calm, alright? Gosh, Lara, if you don’t get back
in there it’ll be like surrender. She got over it with me, she’ll
get over it with you as well. Okay? I don’t want to justify myself anymore. I don’t wanna wear dresses anymore
to make you feel better. I’m not going along with that anymore. You don’t need to be afraid
of losing me. I’ll always be myself. Yes.