Did Jon Richardson find his guitar teacher too attractive? – Would I Lie to You?

After just one lesson,
I had to give up learning the guitar, because I found
my teacher too good-looking. David’s team. How old were you
when you had these lessons? 30… ..something? It was about,
I’d say it was three years ago. It’s well-known you can’t learn
anything after the age of 27. That’s it. Whatever you can do
when you’re 27, that’s what you do. Forget anything else. How is parenting going, David? Was it a man or a woman,
your teacher? Er… Which is funnier? It was a man. It was a man. And were you attracted to him,
or you just found him objectively so good-looking that you thought,
“This is intimidating”? Er, I am recently married. This is a threat to me. My wife booked me
some lessons as a gift. He came to my house,
I felt he was too good-looking to exist in my house,
and I simply never phoned him about the second lesson. Paint a picture for us of this man,
maybe using Lee as a base point. I mean, if you can picture
almost the opposite. Oh! Now, there’s no need
to go that far, Jon. He arrived on a bicycle. That upset me. Sweating. Guitar on his back. He was Spanish. That upset me. Very ahead of my time
there, Brexit-wise. This was before the vote. In fact, I actually organised
the vote as a way of getting him out of the country. He said something like, “Can I bring
my bike into the house?” I mean, I was all aquiver. I think I said, “You can bring
whatever you like, Alberto.” But a visual, I want
a visual picture, I mean, what, was he tall, short?
What colour were his eyes? Er, have you ever seen a sunset? Was your wife clearly
thrilled to see him? She was upstairs, luckily. And why the guitar? Do you, like, are you into guitar,
or did she just want you to play guitar?
I want to learn the guitar. You don’t need to learn
an instrument to be in a band, do you, Aston? You can sell, like, 10 million
records without playing a guitar, so you’ll be fine. Boom! What do you think? Is he telling the truth? What do you think?
Well, I did think it was the truth, because, the little I know of you, you seem like you could
be worried enough to feel that. What do you think? I don’t know, I’m not sold. If you could move to true,
that would really help me out. For you, all right, for you,
I’ll move to true. Brilliant. Oh, the pressure!
That means I don’t have to think. True, yeah. You’re saying true. Jon, truth or lie? It is… ..true! Yay! Well done! It’s true, Jon did stop
having guitar lessons, because he found his
teacher too good-looking.