Do Stradivarius Violins Mimic The Human Voice?

For the past fifty years or so, I’ve been
a professor at Texas A&M in the Biochemistry Department, but for the last 25-30 years,
my research was actually on violins. More specifically, on the old violins made
in Italy 250 years ago by Stradivari and his neighbor Giuseppe Joseph Guarneri. I had to define what is the standard of excellence
for the violin sound, but then it became also obvious to me that the violin was originally
designed to sound like a female soprano voice. We can finally perhaps address the question:
“How is it possible that Stradivari managed to embark all of these very similar sound
quality to all of his violins?” He had no computer, no physical tool at his
disposal what so ever. The only thing he had was probably a good sense of hearing. When they made a violin, they could have adjusted
certain notes to certain vowels. The practical significance of this now would be that violins can be now described by visual means, graphs and spectro and maps.