Documentary for the Greek Magician – Composer Tristan (George Arkomanis)

GREEK DIRECTORS GUILD PRESENTS “TILL TOMORROW THE GREAT” TOMORROW’S PORTRAIT EPISODE “TALENT” TITLE DIRECTOR- KYRIAKOS ANTONOPOULOUS MUSIC TITLE- VASILIS VLACHAKOS SOUND RECORDER- STAUROS AVRAMIDIS MONTAGE- ALEXANDROS SKOURAS PHOTOGRAPHY- YIANNIS HARITIDIS SCRIPT-DIRECTION- ALEXANDROS SKOURAS GEORGE ARKOMANIS- CONDUCTOR- MAESTRO What I do is vague. Actually I do what I love. But what is it exactly? Everything about pictures… and sounds. Thus music, painting, sculpture, video… scenery, costumes, sewing, I like all of them. And I am interested to conquer anything new. Kostis Papadopoulos, Artist I was George Arkomanis’ teacher. I taught art… and he was my student. He was also your best friend. You were an amazing pair. George as a kid inside the classroom? Right. Actually you have the common kids in the classroom… and then you have George… who was something else. George was a little devil in the classroom. And I am being very sweet now. Do you remember what we did? Cause I don’t remember a thing. Did we throw him papers? What was it? In any case… it was one of the things we did… even to Kostis, who we love and respect… which really reached his limits. He took us out of the classroom and he banged us to the wall. I remember he brought his face to mine… and he said: “Listen to me…” I can’t really say the following. But I trully admired him at that exact moment. While… he banged me to the wall… he took me out, he insulted me… I trully admired him then, honestly. Because… the pretentious ice between a student and a teacher broke. He spoke like a friend who was angry at me. -Do you like graffiti? -Sure. But they didn’t make anything. Ok then. I’d like to see some comics. How is a comics page made and divided… how we put the bull… the speech… each person’s words. Still nothing. All the other kids made amazing things… and these two were crazy. But George, and that’s the point… he suddenly brought me the next day… something like a comic, I’m not sure… it was what he thought… which showed great talent. I could see this kid had talent. He had amazing sense of homour… pretty sarcastic. He spoke about a teacher of his… from his birth… throught different ages… and how he reached the age when he was a teacher… of both of you… and how he would be at his eighty. I couldn’t encourage him, though… so I burst into laughter from the inside… but… I came to realize how much I loved him all these years… with all the crazy things he did… and I have kept this comic. I haven’t kept anything else, just that. It drew my attention. You are the only I have been in touch from school. That suggests a lot. I’m not sure if he has realized it but… he has inspired me and… he has warmed me. Whoever protests against… the way we indicate how students should learn… and the kid protests against it… that means that inside its instict… something shows it a different way of doing things. I think those kids have the bug of the new. So if you can… distinguish and cultivate this bug… then something trully important will arise… that will help other people too. Take the bud for example… so small in the beginning that you don’t realize its existence. It’s a spot in the plant. Suddenly it bursts… and there’s the beauty. We were walking back home with my mother one night… I wasn’t doing well at school and I felt the need to tell her. So I confessed that there was the chance to resit the year… and, I won’t forget, she turned with a wonderful smile… she stared at me… and said: “Everything will be fine.” I have kept this memory so lively… and every time I feel nervous or in a weird situation… I think of that moment. It was exactly what I wanted to listen then. “Everything will be fine.” So let’s welcome warmly Tristan. ENTECHNOS- CD “GIATI M’AGAPISES” He is just amazing. Let’s give him an applause. He’s a bit unsociable so don’t get him wrong. I have known George since 2002… when he wasn’t involved with magic. PHILLIPOS TZIKAS- ANIMATEUR He was a musician and mainly he played the bouzouki. I was at the service and he was the first person… who drew my attention in a place with 30 people. Geroge was an inconsistent figure… in the image of the place. He played folk and rebetika songs which he loved… but stangely enough in the mornings he studied Bach and Beethoven… and he studied scores to manage and learn harmony… counterpoint and being a maestro which he achieved. The first years I didn’t feel trapped at all. I liked it that for one more time… I have combined two different worlds… that is the classical or orchestral one… with the folk music. This thing overwhelmed me. Some nights when I finished my job… I went straight to an all-day cafe and… I put the scores out and wrote. I remember some misundestandings on stage where George continued… like pianists in old Western movies who kept playing during gunshots. The conditions were pretty tough. But it helped him a lot… it was a trigger for George to do something more in his life… and progress in his music… through these situations. My brother, Nick, asked me once… “What would be your major achievement with the bouzouki in Greece?” The major proffesional chance, let’s say. And I gave this question a lot of thought… I said: “Playing with someone important.” And he asked: “That’s why you wanted to be a musician?” The first time that we met… I have to confess, as he already knows, that I had my doubts about what he asked me to do. Because a young man approached me then… asking me something demanding and challenging… and without knowing the play I said ok… I’d think about it and I had to see the play first… to study the score of the play and we’ll see. DIMITRIS ANOUSIS- PIANIST-COMPOSER I have to admit that I wasn’t expecting it. He had captured me. and I found it sensible… to give that music a chance. What really impressed from the frst time I had read the scores… was the simplicity. With only a few musical means… he says so much. George possesses this gift. Throufh a very simple creation, in the surface, he can offer you the universe. I could very briefly describe George… that there is some childishness in him. Giving the word “childishness” the most positive meaning, of course. With the meaning of wonder… and I totally admire this element in him… while he has studied and he knows a lot about music… he is a maestro and a magician… he has composed many things… he may be in front of a piano… and being curious about a music space… which he has used several times… he gives it more thought. In a few minutes, we will have here the Magician Tristan. Let’s all welcome him with a loud applause. George is… PANOS BAKOURIS (TAKOULINOS) a big chapter on his own. I met him the first time and it was like I have been working years with him. I remember him eight years ago… a kid with his pockets full of… balls, cards … and always having something to practise his hands… training so much that was really annoying. I could see his passion for learning… he was looking for every detail… he left nothing unexploited. He wanted to be prepared and ready to face… any difficult situation or unfortunate event. He never gets agressive. I’ve never seen him angry… I can’t recall such an image… of Tristan. The professional Tristan’s anger… I’ve never seen his anger, how he looks like. One, two, three, test. Are we ready? A very loud applause because the show begins. I like it that he has created a very rich style. What do you think? Up and down. This seriousness that you can see on stage… this intellectual look… is totally for professional reasons. George doesn’t have in his everyday life… this look of a tough or rough person. Behind this mask, there is a lot of sensitivity. Magic and music are combined wonderfully together. One of humans’ illusions is music. Because music is in reality vibrations of the air. Music doesn’t exist. We only realize it indirectly. You can’t see what I’m really doing but… but I give you a result… which is… different from what you have been accustomed to seeing. I described something magic… but what is its difference from music? It is just the same. Without knowing how he creates it, you can see something different from your prespective. After all, I consider art a magical concept. There are things you can’t explain… like a transmitter, when your mind processes and releases all these… but also as a receiver, when you watch what he has created… where you can see something truly created… whether you like it or not… it is a result of magic because art is magic. George has found a way to combine these two. Is it art? It is one of… major arts… It’s not easy. Behind all this… there are hard hours of training and work. You know, it’s not easy to be an animateur and performer… because on stage… you must have the strengh to make people have fun… you have to do it for yourself, to enjoy yourself first… and then it can be passed on to the audience. If you don’t have fun… if the show doesn’t capture you first… you won’t manage to capture the audience. If you succeed… then… you have captured them. This thing itself is magic. Yes, I do have crazy dreams. I have a project which I don’t know if it will ever happen… because it doesn’t solely depend on me… is to create an opera which combines illusions, magic and music. I think I will succeed step by step. Rising slowly… and investing, why not? After all many of my projects… are my investments. This is one of my biggest dreams. But I have many. He believes strongly in himself. I think he is… what he envisages… his perfect self, like a small god… thus he can do amazing things. But he is human at the same time… so he can also do horrible things. I think art is of the highest level… that a human brain can reach and bloom… and create work that… will make every person better. Everybody expects from art, whether they know it or not… to somehow make them better. Through this job… he gives me the chance to remain a kid… to be able to… learn how to play… because kids know how to play. It is something moving to see your students… leaving their own trace behind them. Which is the target of every human and every artist. To leave a trace behing them. He is like a young kid… he isn’t corrupted or spoilt… by what is happening around us. This is what I greatly admire in Goerge. To Kostis with gratitude- Alexandros &George SCRIPT- DIRECTION ALEXANDROS SKOURAS PHOTOGRAPHY- YIANNIS HARITIDIS MONTAGE- ALEXANDROS SKOURAS SOUND RECORDER- STAUROS AVRAMIDIS ELECTRICIAN- HARRY DOUKAS SECRETARY OF PRODUCTION- MARY MARATOU ASS. 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