Don’t Fear the Reaper – Blue Oyster Cult – Guitar Lesson

Hi I’m bobby Crispy this Video is printer Market our Lesson Series Okay get your cowbell out and hit it Really Hard Because This Lesson is About how to play don’t fear the Reaper by blue Oyster Cult Click, ok so I’ll play the riffs and then I’ll Show how They’re Played Note for note using tabs [ok], so here’s The first riff I’ll play Okay, That Starts on the Fifth string Open it’s like an A chord Part of a chord okay, Fourth string second fret Third String Second fret There Should Open Conducts its Part of A G-Chord [Top] string Third fret Fifth string Second fret Fourth String Open There [Should] open Okay, next it’s like Part of an F Chord [so] top string first fret Fifth string Third fret Fourth String Open [Their] [ego] Back to the Partial G. Chord Which is the Sixth Sixth string Third fret Fifth String Second fret Fourth String Open Third string upper Plate again Slowly you okay, when you’re Picking it you, need to pick all the notes Like this Or use your pick and your Fingers like This Whatever Works you okay That’s Played eight Times in The [Beginning] that riff then it goes Into the gorge Which is this okay it serves off Some F Chord to Beat G Chord Two beats A Miner for Four Beats F-For Two beats Ii to bits Then A minor G ah – beats G2B Okay, the prep, that’s uh A minor G-G-Gee You Best Played four Times Those are [the] Chords Played, over the Main riff as the Main dress Playing okay, then back to the Main riff Four Times and then the solo Break at 47 Seconds in the Song okay and play The riff first okay, first part of the soul Break is this Okay, so that’s first string 15th fret 13 12 Second String 15th fret [Bend] [Up] 15th fret 13:12 In Third string, well Threat 14th fret on the Fourth string The 14th fret on the Third String Okay, the next Part of solo is this? [ok], so third string slide up to the 14th fret Second-String 12th fret 13 12 13 14 Second string to 15th Bend Up 1312 Third String 12th fret 14th fret Fourth string Third String Fourth fret Okay, the next part so is this okay? So that’s Second string 10th fret The 12th fret Clearer Than Bender First string to a threat Second String 12th fret stir it off as Bent Up and back, We get back Down as you play it 10 Third String To A threat [right] Second-String 12 Friend Ted Then it’s on an [e] minor Chord There as a Break okay and it Goes in That Little Break here like This Okay so [it] Starts off on the Third string 10th Rep 13th and the [Second] String 13th fret You Play that five Times And then it’s to the third string 10th fret 12 The Second String 12th fret You play that six Times then you do the whole Thing over so you, actually play Twice Five and six Times did you do the whole Thing, over Five Times Five Six Times then it Goes on the soul Okay, which I got to Make Into A lesson mind me to Make that Into A soul as a lesson okay, then the Main Riff eight Times After The Solo Through the Chords Cetera Etc There’s The Main Riff Four Times okay, then the second solo Break Which starts at two minutes and seven Seconds Into the Song and This is it here Okay, so first string [twelfth] fret Second String Twelfth fret Bend Up 10th Hold it for A few Seconds and Back to the first string 4th fret Second String [Twelfth] fret Bend Up Tenth Then The Third string Twelfth fret Slide up Then Three Times on the Second string Tenth fret It Takes for A couple Seconds that [its] Second String 10th fret 12 12 and Up Slide Down to the 10th Eight slide Up to the Tenth Ted Slide Up to the TWelfth Tough Slide out of ten Okay, then, it’s the Main Riff again eight Times and back to the chords and then You go back [Into] the Main riff again and you play it over and Over and Over until the [solid] fades Manually okay, ah, that’s A lesson I Hope it’s Been Helpful Thanks for Watching and Remember Lots of cowbell okay, Thanks