Download music iPhone 5,5s, 6,6plus, 7,7 plus, 8,8plus, X free Download music iPhone 5,6,7,8 free

good friends will talk to you about a
supremely easy application that does not the personal worked to download
music to my iphone without needing different applications or jailbreak
so let’s start good list half after this
we proceed to go to our pool store on our iphone
and we go to the search engine we place the next name
will see as I already have it is charcoal background
obviously he’s only going to send me to the option open then for you
create them from scratch just ask them an email and nothing else then we have it and we are going to open
we go to the browser browser this application and we place our
emergent we go to him we put him Youtube need to be careful because many
Sometimes it does not open, the application opens on youtube but on your cell phone in everything
what you have to do is leave until youtube copy the link of the song that
you want and you stick it in this in this seeker of this app
you give to the song it’s very easy to precisely the people who say download
copy link or cancel obviously our intention is that the music
then download and we see that is effectively downloading our
song here I have several songs that already downloaded some sauce and stuff
A) Yes then it has served me very useful even
this works so we do not have a signal in our cell phone did not know we can
carry the music at all times there is no no problem you can choose the
videos or just lyrics songs any video that is in
youtube we can download in this application whether audiobook movies
in short we have an infinity of of videos themselves for towns download
so here I show you look download your video was fully downloaded
here I’m going to remove put airplane mode for You see that it’s the same
many times they go commercial but you will come out or not as the application and
the losses use it normally then it’s all for today many friends
thank you and I hope you have found useful this video