Dreams within Dreams: Composer Sam Kyzivat ’18

[Music] I knew I wanted to study music when I got to Bowdoin but I wasn’t totally sure which, which track and then I took Professor Shende’s Songwriting and Song Analysis class and that that class really blew my mind—that was the transformative class for me. And I caught the theory/composition bug. [Music] So I’d say my big stand-out works are probably, the first one would be a piano quintet I wrote a few summers ago, and that was, I got a Patterson/Baird Family Research Fellowship, and that was read by players from the International Music Festival, which was really cool, so. Part of my budget included expenses to to hire some musicians to read through it. And then this year has been full of other stuff. Last semester I did an independent study with Robbie Greenlee, the director the chamber choir, and I wrote a piece for the chamber choir. It’s called A Dream Within a Dream, and it’s set to the text of an Edgar Allen Poe poem. [Music] Then, my honors project has been ongoing this whole year [Music] The official title of the project is Original Score and Sound Design for a Short Film. And I’m collaborating with a good friend of mine, Nevan Swanson, and I’m writing all original music and recording all the ambient sound and dialogue. [Music] And I think my goal is to be as versatile of a composer as possible. Especially because my my dream is to go into media compositions, and writing for film, TV, podcast, radio, that kind of stuff. [Music] I think the music department is is Bowdoin’s best-kept secret, and I think because Bowdoin is such a small school, and there’s only five music majors this year and only a few of them are theory/comp majors, we really do get individual attention. For example, the fact that they have funds for honors students to hire professional musicians, by the fact that I can spend the whole summer writing music. [Music]