Dyer Maker (D’yer Mak’er) – Led Zeppelin – Guitar Lesson

D’yer Mak’er is a simple I – vi – IV – V progression in the key of C the I chord is C-maj the vi is A-min the IV is F the V is G you can do full bars like I just showed …the same way they’re notated in the
music or you can do… perhaps more Page-like fingerings that include the
thumb fretting the low E string notes. And if
you look at your music you’ll notice there’s no A string notes …you don’t need to finger
that. You can do the simple what we might call F chord that you learned as a beginner. The top
four strings… you can do that type of shape above the thumb fretted six string, and that would look like this C A minor F and G in addition to those basic chord shapes
we have little diads… that is… double stop groups played on the G and E strings they’re fingered with ring and
pinky that’s on the C chord, for example. We
combine this with a very active pick aproach with a palm mute ..a very slight one… so you’ll rest your
pinky side of the palm on the bridge for a slight mute. Here’s what the riff sounds like slowly… so there’s a down and up stroke 16th note idea and it’s not terribly
important which strings your striking… you want to
have a general low to high and then back again movement