E.T. the EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL Theme – Guitar Lesson

Hi, I’m Bobby crispy this video is part of my guitar lesson series So today, I’ll show how to play the theme from Et extra Terrestrial So I’ll play it first Then I’ll show how I was playing it fro. Using tabs. Ok here it goes Okay, I’ve taken the distortion Soon here the notes better Okay I’ve broken it down to about four different riffs Okay, so the first part is this that starts on the third string twelfth fret fourth string Fourteenth fret second string 12th and 13th frets You have four times Next part is this Which is the same thing, but so the 14th fret fourth string fourth fret on the fourth string so it’s Next part is same as the very first riff Do that four times and the next part is this? Which is third string twelfth fret? fourth string 15th fret second string Twelfth and Thirteenth fret You do that three times? Okay, next riff is this So fifth string seventh every one to eight fourth string Sif goodnight second-string eat six pull off to the fifth third string seventh Third string fourth dream Expert is this fourth string seventh second string 10th eight pull off the Zone There’s your nice second stream seventh There’s yourself first for itself back to the 37th first Journey Vii pull off to the fifth second string eight pull off to the six third string eat next part is this is the third string fifth off to the fourth second string third fourth dude shrink this so first year in eighth and seventh Then back to the first riff again, but it’s played a little different. Just being like this That’s the third string fifth second 38 13 South 2nd string to 6/5 3rd string fourth string fifth And same as the breath before Already sure how to played that and then play this again Which is again third string fifth to the fourth second string third fourth there shrink this At this time go to the first string 8th and 10th That’s lesson okay. I hope you have found this lesson helpful and thanks for watching