Easy Festival Hairstyles Tutorial – KayleyMelissa

(upbeat music) – Hey everyone, Kayley here with some festival inspired hairstyles. Now festival season is my
favorite time of the hair year because it’s so much fun,
and I encourage you guys to try these hairstyles out whether or not you’re going to a music festival. Life is too short for boring hair, so let life in a little bit, wear these to the grocery
store if you want to, just have fun with your hair. And with that being
said, let’s get into it. So let’s get started on
these double accent braids. First let’s talk about
how I prepped my hair. I curled all of my hair with
a one inch curling iron, then for some lightweight
body, I added in this Herbal Essences Dry Shampoo
from their Volumizing line. I just did that at my
roots, and you can see that definitely gave me
some more body in my hair, and then I grabbed the Herbal Essences Soft Control Creme Gel because this helps to moisturize your hair,
add a little bit of hold and it also protects against humidity, so perfect for festival time. For the braids on top, your
gonna start by grabbing some hair from about
an inch below your part and start braiding that all the way down and you can either secure that with an elastic or just tease
the end a little bit. And now for the fun part,
you can add on some string or colored cord of your choice. I’m using this mint green leather cord to wrap around my braid. And you just want your
cord to be long enough so that when it’s folded in half it’s the same length as your braid. Then you can start wrapping
it around the braid however you want. You can really get as random
or as symmetrical as you want. Towards the end I wrapped
it a little bit closer and then I tied a knot to finish it off. And this way you don’t
actually need an elastic because the cord holds
everything in place. And then I went on to
repeat the same thing on the other side of my part. Now for you guys, you can
either do all the braids that I did with super statementy cord or you can pull it back a little bit, do less braids, do a more
neutral more thin cord, whatever feels right
for you and your outfit, I really encourage you
guys to kinda find what feels best for you. And then I did the same
thing on the underside of my hair as well. Once that was done, this
hairstyle is complete. I really loved kinda being
able to play with texture and color in the hair. I think that’s a really
fun thing that’s happening in festival hair right now
and I totally encourage you guys to try this one out. Speaking of texture and color, let’s move on to this bangled pony. For this I started by
grabbing a set of bracelets that I found at the mall for about $5 and I split this into
two because I discovered that it’s easier to put
your hair up if you do that. So I’m actually just
gonna sweep my hair back into a low ponytail and
then I’m going to use the first of these two
sets to wrap my hair as if I was wrapping it with an elastic. Once that’s set in place,
I’m doing the same thing with my other set. And once that’s done,
this hairstyle’s complete. It really is just tying
your hair back in a pony with bracelets but it makes
it look so much cooler. It’s really just an easy
way to add more style and fun into your hair. And now let’s get back
to the braids with this French braid wrap. You’re gonna start that French braid with some small pieces
from around your face. Just bring them back until
you have your three sections and start your braid. Then continue doing your French braid by taking more small
pieces from your hairline. This is gonna give you that really peacey French braided look. So you’re gonna go kinda
slowly because you’re taking these little sections but
it’s gonna look really good once you finish. So keep going until
everything is incorporated into your French braid. It’s okay to cheat and
take bigger sections towards the end and then just braid the rest of the hair normally. Then just use your fingers
to rough up the braid a little bit and make it
look a little less perfect. And now for the fun part,
you can wrap some cord around the braid if you want. I started by piercing it through the top of the normal braid and
then wrapping it around however I wanted to. I did it a bit randomly
because I really liked how that looked. And when I got to the end
I wrapped it a little bit tighter around the base
and then I tied it off to hold everything in place. To make sure everything stayed in place, I used the Herbal Essences
bio:renew Flexible Hairspray. This is gonna add some
light hold and frizz control and because of the bio:renew it also has anti-oxidants in it as well. And that’s it for this hairstyle. It’s a really easy way to
dress up an old favorite and make it amazing for this summertime. Now let’s move on to this
top knotted hairstyle. I started this hairstyle by sectioning off a tiny mohawk section on top of my head and then I Dutch braided that section. You could also French braid it if that’s more comfortable for you. Then I picked up some more hair
on either side of the braid and brought everything together
into a little tiny ponytail on top of my head. You could stop here if you want but I went ahead and put
the ponytail into a bun. And then I finished
everything off by using this bracelet as a bun cuff. So I just kinda bent it
to fit the shape of my bun and I left it there and
it stayed just fine. And I really love this hairstyle. Adding in something as
simple as a bracelet really takes it that extra level. So you could totally be rocking
this for spring and summer. And to finish off we have
this pierced side braid. Start by creating a really deep side part and then you’re just going
to Dutch braid the hair that’s left on the
shallow side of the part. Start by taking a little,
little, tiny section to make the beginning of that braid and then continue taking
in at tiny, tiny sections to get the braid started. And then as you do
this, you want to create kind of a crescent shape with the braid so that it almost kind of
frames your ear as you go. And I kept braiding until
I reached just beyond like the top point of my
ear and then I switched to doing a normal braid
down the rest of my hair and I secured it with an elastic. And at this point I grabbed
some 12 millimeter jump rings. These are actually jewelry
supplies and I opened them by using pliers and my
fingers to twist them open, but you could also use
pliers and like a bobby pin or something to pull them apart. And then I just wedged it into my braid wherever I wanted the rings to be. And you can close these
back up with your pliers or skip that step if you want, your hair will keep these
rings in place on its own. Once you’ve added all
the accessories you want, this hairstyle is done. And I actually really
like how this turned out with the little tiny gold rings. That’s totally my style
but a lot of you guys have been sending me pictures
of more like elaborate ones and I think those are really cool too. So whatever you like, totally go for it. And that’s it for our
festival inspired hairstyles. I hope that you guys enjoyed it. Thanks to Herbal Essences
for challenging me to make a video based on
the prompt, let life in. That is their slogan for
their new bio:renew line because they are putting
natural ingredients into their products but
I got to interpret that however I wanted. So to me, let life in means
be a little more adventurous, have a little bit more fun. And I hope this video encourages you guys to do that with your hair and shows you some ways to do that. But that’s it for today’s video. I hope you guys have enjoyed it. If you want to see more
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when I upload my next video. See you then. (blows kiss) Bye! (upbeat music)