Editing from a Bin in Media Composer

In Avid Media Composer there are all sorts
of tricks to improve your editing workflow. If you find yourself working with clips that
need rough in and out points, you may find it useful to edit your clips directly from
the bin window to your sequence. To do this, navigate over to the project window
and click on the settings tab. Then, double click on the bin settings. Enable the option to edit from a bin. Next, click on the frame tab within your bin
window. You can enlarge the frame sizes by pressing
the keyboard shortcut command L. If the frames do not fit the window size,
right click within the grey area of the bin and select fit to window from the contextual
menu. Okay, so within the bin window you can actually
play your clips and mark in and out points while the each of the clips are playing. To do this, I’m pressing the L key to play
forward, and the J key to play backward. I’m also marking rough in and out points by
using the ‘I’ key to mark an in, and the ‘O’ key to mark an out. Then at any time, you can simply press the
‘B’ key to perform an overwrite function directly to your sequence. Or, you might choose to mark in and out points
for your clips first and then use the arrow keys to select a particular clip to edit to
your sequence. For other great tips like this or to enroll
in a Media Composer training course, visit GeniusDV.com