ELITE CHINA SCOUITNG | Strawberry Music Festival 2015 | Fashion One

Hi everyone, I am from Elite Shanghai. Elite came to Strawberry Music Festival today to find a new face of Elite Models this year, 2015. There are two models we have here, Han Bing and Li Bing. They are both representatives of Elite China last year, they are our main push supermodels. We are hoping to find the new representative of Elite China this year the Strawberry Music Festival. I came to the Strawberry Music Festival today. During the break, a lady came over and asked me if I wanted to be a model. I glanced over the flyers and I was interested. So I came here to finish the application form. And then they took some pictures of me. I’m feeling good. They said they would notify me if there are results. I hope I can get the chance. I was really pleasantly surprised. Hello everyone, I’m Li Bing. I’m Han Bing. We are from Elite Shanghai. We also took part in the Elite Model Look, then entered the world championships. After that, we began our professional modelling career. That was a very good experience. I hope everyone is encouraged to register. Hello everybody, we are models from Elite China. We are the modelling contest winner, in 2014, the 31st Elite Model Look. The 32nd Elite Model Look is starting. You’re all welcome to join us.