[ENG SUB] 171001 Jinyoung x Jisoo dances to Uptown Funk + MC Taehyung at Inkigayo KPOP Super Concert

Jinyoung: Hello! We’re MCs of SBS Inkigayo
Super Concert in Daejeon, Jinyoung: GOT7’s Jinyoung
Jisoo: BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Taehyung: BTS’ V
MCs: Good evening! Jisoo: Wow! The reaction is really hot. Jisoo: With this on-site atmosphere, Jisoo: Today’s Inkigayo will be more
refreshing and special~ Jisoo: Isn’t it, Jinyoung? Jinyoung: Yes, we have introduced the place through our refreshing dance moves in the video Jinyoung: This hot place Jinyoung: is no other than… Jinyoung: Daejeon city.
Today, in this place.. Jinyoung: The best Kpop singers being loved
around the world Jinyoung: will amaze their fans
with fancy performances Jisoo: Yes, so the representative of our Hallyu wave Jisoo: Bangtan Sonyeondan’s V
has joined us as a special MC~ Jisoo: Please introduce yourself. V: Yes, hello~
I am V from BTS. V: Yes, for inviting me here as a special MC, V: I am very thankful. V: Ah, I also feel a little bit nervous.
Please take good care of me. Jisoo: Ah yes. It’s also our first time Jisoo: leading a large-scale program like this Jisoo: But despite the pressure,
we have prepared a lot for everyone. Jisoo: So please stay tuned until the end~ Jinyoung: Yes, in the occasion of SBS Inkigayo
Super Concert in Daejeon Jinyoung: In order to repay everyone’s love and support, Jinyoung: We have prepared stunning performances. Jinyoung: What stages are we ready for? Jisoo: Yes, the special preparations for
the SBS Super Concert~ Hong Jin Young Ailee Red Velvet WINNER BTOB Jinyoung: Following are the hottest artists
that have been promoting lately GFRIEND B.A.P Sechs Kies V: Yes, that’s right.
In addition, we have Jisoo’s group, BLACKPINK! And Jinyoung’s JJ Project! And my group, BTS!