ENG SUB 191206 Music Bank X-EXO OBSESSION Interview

SUHO: 1,2,3 One Are We. Hello we are X-EXO Earlier EXO came and left though CHANYEOL: EXO came and left. We are X-EXO Today X-EXO will take the first place You’re nominated 1st today. Please tell us how you feel. BAEKHYUN: Firstly, thank you for giving us lot of love BAEKHYUN: Uh.. thank you CHEN: Especially our Eri, thank you KAI: We manage to get nominated because of X-EXO not EXO SEHUN: We are only 1st place candidate.. I want to become 1st place! Please help us get it CHANYEOL: I’m not worried at all. Thanks SUHO: EXO-L thank you. Ily