eng sub_[K-pop Audition] 능력자들의 위대한 시작(with HARMONIZE)l본격 보컬트레이닝 [더 콰이어_THE CHOIR] Full Ep.02

Day 1 The Choir members have finally entered the camp. The members are so excited for the first day of camp. What do you think the camp means to The Choir?
Sooyeon) Should we do pranks or a pajama party? What do you think the camp means to The Choir?
Jimin) We’re going to eat toasted marshmallows and make campfires. What do you think the camp means to The Choir?
Joonha) Working on the choreography and rapping for fun The children are picturing happy moments That night Harmonize is a little frustrated What happened at the campsite? A fun music camp? A ferocious boot camp! What is it? Lee EunJoo- The vocal director of Harmonize She has a rich voice and an expression of soulful tones and emotions. She can even do brilliant tricks. She is the head of the Harmonize vocal line. The mission song given to The Choir is ‘High hopes.’ It’s a song that we have to sing with love and care. Wow! The lyrics…! Finally we sing our own song!! The Choir members get to check the lyrics. Oh! Right. It’s an English song. #Themomentyourealizethetruth #mentalbreakdown
The members are shocked to see English lyrics 1. Tries reading 2. Tries translating
-I hope.. to live.. There’s a translation on the bottom. And you were all wrong. Hey!! And.. She looks like she’s lost a country.. What happened, guys? Harmonize Kindergarten, follow the steps slowly. Have to have/it means to have to have something~ High high hopes/it means the high hopes. (Beware of the linking rules) For a living/for a living (Like you’re a native speaker) Shooting for the starrrr~’s/We move forward for our dreams. When I couldn’t make a killing/when things go wrong What do you think this song is about? good at interpretation
It’s about dreams. feel proud
And hopes. We can relate
Confidence Hopes and dreams!
It’s a song about being positive! Singing a positive “can” song with “can’t vibes? Now that’s an irony!!! Irony 1, Irony 2, Irony 3, Irony 4, Irony 5 Let’s try again! Let’s familiarize ourselves to the lyrics first! Meanwhile There’s a girl who doesn’t open her mouth at all (she’s concerned) What’s happened to Jimin? Jimin’s audition scene Jimin prepared a children’s song for the audition. Do you have any other exciting songs? Pondering… Yes! A fun children’s song! She got her own rhythm;
She has her own vibes. Can we have a look at your dance moves? I don’t think so.
Choi Jimin)I want to show you my Ukulele performance first. Oh.. Alright ;; bewildered;;; Again, it’s a song with a bright atmosphere Looking at the camera professionally ;;; After the calm performance Time to dance~! She’s very daring~ Evaluation on her dancing continues Her dancing is almost like children’s dance moves. What’s that?
Can’t take eyes off of her Jimin has her own unique aura! So cute!! Is she a human vitamin? That’s all that I got. She voluntarily ends her audition Lee Eunjoo) That was super cute, I just had 10 lemons. Han Sangwon) She’s so adorable. Jin Minwoo) I’m smiling from ear to ear She has confidence which is needed to be on the stage. #Shelookslost
Where is her bright energy? Lee Eunjoo) She’s done figuring out who she is
1. she loves children’s songs and the moves. 2. She’s not familiar with pop songs. Jimin’s state right now
she’s having a culture shock She has to familiarize herself with the new songs and culture And another obstacle Jimin) I’m not good at English. Jimin) And I’ve never heard this song before. Jimin) That’s why I had that face. It’s a situation where she can’t sing along easily even if she wants to. Oh Hyunah- Harmonize Alto part
The vocal teacher found something! Jimin, write down the lyrics in Korean She understands Jimin fast. Here you are, the pen. She writes down without hesitating And finally she started to sing Now you know the vibe~
It’s more important to understand the song than to memorize the song~ Let’s sing along with the melody~ Let’s put the melody on the emotions Now things are looking quite stable. [However…] [A sudden pause;] The English part is too hard
[The members face difficulty from the very beginning] You can do it if you practice, I mean it. [Another member struggling] [She wants to sing, but is not able to]
Good job. You guys will catch on soon. [Soon…] [She tries to open her mouth, but…] -Million…
[She is only able to mumble…] [Vocal TIP]
1. Listen to the song a lot
2. Don’t get frustrated when you’re not able to pronounce the word correctly Soo-yeon, don’t get frustrated. Don’t be frustrated. It’s not that I can’t read it… No, you can’t (fact;;) Yes I can! It’s not that I can’t read it. The song is too fast… -It’s because I only learned the basic theories at school…
[This is because the education system only teaches the basics] -They don’t teach us about the pronunciation.
[This is because the education system only teaches the basics] -Yeah…but we can’t do anything about that
[This is because the education system only teaches the theories] Isn’t it more confusing if you write it like this? [Solution : She ended up writing it in Korean] No!!! I didn’t write it because I don’t know how to read it!!! [Harmony and beats are important for chorus] [They are already trying the chorus!] [However…] [Yerin is nervous because she is not very good in English] [But then] [Ian holds her hand] [They sing while holding hands together.] [Yerin looks way more comfortable] [I want to capture this moment!]
[The Choir members sang the complete song in harmony] We did it!!! [We did it too~!] [dazed;;] [She got dark circles in 30 seconds;;]
[Of course, not everyone is satisfied] [Going up one step further. Let’s add more harmony] [Going off key;;;] I’m going to dance~ (She gives up easily) Dancing is fun~ (She gives up easily) We don’t know what our part will be yet though~ What if our part is singing? There is no way, because I can’t sing. [Oh.. you can’t?] [I’ll make you a better singer] One more time! One more time! One more time!
[I’ll make you a better singer…] [Master of drills]
We’re done~ [Repeating until she is satisfied] [They’re getting tired of practicing over and over again] [Professionals
We also call it “training,” not practicing] In order to accomplish the dancing and singing we have to do as a “show choir,” we have to train as much as athletes do. [The kids are getting tired because of the extended vocal training session] [The vocal trainer’s voice starts sounding like a lullaby] [Hyun-hee, you can’t sleep here~~] [The time has come. The vocal trainer smiles mysteriously] [Here comes the announcement that will open their eyes wide!] [It’s the time for the teachers to choose students for 1:1 lesson!] [Eyes opening wide] [They will choose us?] [It’s their chance to get a position] [or the time that their position will be taken away!] [The time for competition has arrived!] [There are various positions for “High Hopes”!] 1. Male & Female solo 2. Mixed-gender unit 3. Solo rapper [Who will take which position?] [Who will be the solo vocal for the beginning of the song (Part A)?] [Thinking carefully] [Anticipating / Who will he choose?]
I will… [Song Yul is picked] [so jelous~~~~] I’m envious… I also want to have a solo part… You can do everything if you work for it! [It’s time to choose the female solo vocal!] Who will I choose~? [Will it be me?] [I really… want to do it] I want to do it I don’t [The vocal trainer’s taunt?! Soo-yeon is picked] ME? I’m going to dance I’m going to give my best when I dance. I really can’t sing. I can do it
I will be able to do it
I have to do it
[Soo-yeon was looking forward to dancing…] She looks so worried hahaha But she can’t say anything hahaha [The fate was foreseen] Can the judges say ‘kimchi guk, kimchi guk’ please? [He is making the judges rap?!] Okay! [The audition is going the opposite way…] [Yul directs the song] Kimchi guk~ kimchi guk~ [Good!] Egg roll egg roll egg roll ho!
Egg roll egg roll egg roll ho! [The judges are led by the candidate] [It’s strangely fun]
[Everyone becomes one in this audition] [Song Yul directs the judges for a change!] This is what you call music~ However it wasn’t cool hahaha [He doesn’t forget to show off his vocal skills] [Powerful voice and pitch!] [His vocal is as straightforward as Ryu Hyun-jin] [He studied overseas!
Even his pronunciation is outstanding!] [He is confirmed as the male vocal!] [And!] The heroine of this powerful dance moves! [Her energy is pumping out!]
Powerful girl, Sooyean Lee! Her energy is like a thermoelectric power plant~ And next is a vocal test Powerful voice and nice emotion! Strong presence! She got the part as a soloist! Sooyeon Lee/
15 years old
I will show you amazing performances and make you all laugh with my happy virus~ Dynamic Duo!
Song Yul & Sooyeon Lee as vocal soloists!! Meanwhile, who is going to be in charge of rapping? Hyunjae who was already chosen during the show time! But there is another rapper? Director Jin Minwoo is approaching someone else! Who will be the additional member for American style? Na Yerin!! Two rappers are chosen!
And the reason? Familiar rap part Wrapping up with Hyunjae’s name But this is not the end? Cute and adorable Another rap part is coming up! a female rapper?
The tone is different from Hyunjae’s rap! he was considering another rapper! Rapper duo
“Western Twins” has formed! Parts for bridge, Soprano, Alto are all decided! All the positions are finalized Next is dance training! They’ve been waiting for this dance time! Excited What is a role of dance in the chorus? To express To become one To stand out There is something more to dancing when it comes to expression than to singing Every answer is right There is an absolute reason for dance and performance! For example Director Jin, hello? They are greeting each other all of a sudden! What are they trying to show?
A comedy skit? All of a sudden? Can we do this a little more brighter? They are expressing their joy with their entire body And it makes all the people who are watching this laugh! They improvised the effect of body gestures! What’s the title of the song that we are going to sing?
High Hopes Do you know the meaning of the lyrics? Messages of hope and dream in ‘High Hopes’ can be emphasized more and expressed more persuasively through dance! Let’s do some warm ups! Full of expectation!
Kids are all excited because of the dance training
Moving their bodies up and down~
this is so fun~ I know what you are thinking but stretching is important~! Her excitement never stops~ Don’t stop her~ She is going to show her excitement
Here she goes~ At that moment! Warning!
Excessive excitement can cause serious injuries
You have to stretch your ankle~ Otherwise you might sprain your ankle! And Accidents continues! -Are you okay?
-I’m sorry This is a necessary course to prevent injuries!
Practice room is now full of screaming and pain
I’m about to die!! Of course there is some exception Comfortable~ After a painful stretching Now gearing up for learning dance moves! First, the demonstration. Demonstrating the dance to the rhythm, rather than the music watching carefully It looks easy But it’s also overwhelming
-Wow it’s awesome!
-Why are there so many… And the part that they considered the most, level of difficulty Making a professional stage with amateurs! Did the dance director find the answers…?
He should make an outstanding performance.. Combination of chorus, dance and performance
-Full video of Harmonize’s performance- Circle of life
Sung by Harmonize Father, here comes the cub who is going to become the king I see, it’s a lion. a leopard-skin-patterned lion! Oh! Everyone hides before the lion hears! (Shh!) Father, the lion who is going to be the king is coming. I see, it’s a lion. It’s a lion The a leopard-skin-patterned lion is running on a vast plain. From the day we arrive on the this land. Blinking and stepping into the sunlight. There’s more to be seen than can ever be seen More to do than can ever be done There’s far too much to take in here More to find than can ever be found But the sun rolling high through the sapphire sky But the sun rolling high through the sapphire sky Keeps great and small on the endless round In the circle of life And it moves us all Through despair and hope Through faith and love Till we find our place On the path unwinding In the circle, the circle of life He lives in you
sung by Harmonize A brave lion comes across the vast plain Night and the spirits of life calling This is the throne handed down for generations Oh the descendants of the dynasty! Wait! There is no mountain too great Hear these worlds and have faith Have faith He lives in you He watches over Everything we see Into the water Into the truth In your reflection He lives in you He lives in you He lives in you He watches over Everything we see Into the water Into the ruth In your reflection Busa
Sung by Harmonize King of Kings Our king Protector of our land! The land that has our ancestors’ spirits Holy! Reign over this land Reign over us with peace Finally the day has come Reign over us Finally the day has come Reign over this land Finally the day has come Simba reign over us Reign over us Our king reign over us Simba reign over us Oh Simba reign over us Oh King of Kings King, reign over us Simba, reign over us Reign over us with love Reign over us with peace Simba, reign over us Reign over us with peace, Reign with love Reign over us with peace