EOSC Pillar – Coordination and Harmonisation of National & Thematic Initiatives to Support EOSC

EOSC Pillar is a project whose aim is
to help build the EOSC vision. EOSC pillar’s consortium involves 18 projects from 5 countries which are Italy, France, Austria, Belgium and Germany. Our focus is on national initiatives we aim to bring together national initiatives because we believe that they are the key elements on which
the sustainability of the EOSC will be founded upon as they have the natural links with various stakeholders
ranging from researchers to decision-makers. It is very important for us to be able
to exploit FAIR data, or Open data as produced, for instance,
from the major, from the most important research centres The European Open Science Cloud is
of utmost importance for the Austrian government we have a strong commitment we will, of course, carry on with all our efforts to implement all the different pillars of EOSC. What we are trying very hard is to combine
all the activities from the research infrastructures level, at the service level as well and at the governance level and EOSC-Pillar is taking a very important part in this European effort. There’s a lot that can be done. As I said, we also can provide a lot of infrastructures
very close to be compliant with the EOSC. The ministries are supporting it very much so I expect, again, a very important contribution from Italy to EOSC. Human capital is one of the
most important and relevant assets of my country (Italy) We’ve already invested in research infrastructures for many years but also into e-infrastructures. What we’ve prepared as a national (Open Science) policy is a national policy that is very compatible with the European priorities and strategies. At the current status, we are working on the renewable of the preexisting research technology and innovation strategy and of course, EOSC is taking a very important part in it. This is a very important exercise of European collaboration because many countries are already working on their own solutions but at the same time they really keep in mind the European objective, the European target and this is very important. My first message is: if you are a researcher or a service provider or a data provider from any of these countries and you share the EOSC vision, then come to us, within the coming 3 years we will try and build together and shape together what the EOSC of the future will look like.