Esquadrão Suicida – Funk do Coringa e Arlequina (Paródia/Redublagem)

What’s it? I told you it was not me who farted Stop it “Nun” was me I swear Okay, I admit, I was Cherem buzzards Look pedestrian Run over he The police are coming If is a nigga i surrender holy parakeet This motherfucker Blurred my Avon makeup Take in your eggs Hi, slut How are you ma’am? ah You are Japanese? I will teach you some brazilian words Repeat with me I am slut Slut is you I will not lie, I “rearly” am Put another drink Take This is courtesy of the house Everyone A toast to singles Tu me “emprenhaste” And twins, ok? If lassoed Vish Chipped’m, oh Jeez, if they knew I took a piss in the bottle It is of good Hey bro, every gang has to have a name to be remembered in history Oh suggestions No Squadron starts pica It is us Today I caught that girl who stole the male that I stole ah You? Take the quenga venta Hi, here is the Joker, I’m to warn that with another girl kisses. “Pro” your fault, urubua And take this on the coast Hi, vinhados