Feel the Funk

I’m a submerging artist. Well, I’m not an emerging one. I feel like I’m submerging, yeah. Running, drawing and dancing, and my cat is my world. Well the cat lets me live in her house. I think I’ve always loved animals more than I’ve loved humans. Which is probably why I’ve moved to the middle of nowhere and just live with a couple of sheep and a cat. I’m running a woolly hotel, yes. My cat is called Phatima. But that’s with a Ph, not an F. She’s not Indian. Although I like the Indian name Fatima. But I prefer it with a Ph, because I like hip hop and it sounds a bit more… you know… She’s been the only consistent relationship of any kind I’ve ever had in my life. My life was just growing up, being very poor. Both my parents were alcoholic. My mum passed away with a glass of wine in her hand. It’s always been around me. Problems were never discussed. I don’t even think I really knew my mum that well. I had nothing to measure life against. I actually grew up thinking I had it real sweet. For me I feel like I’m two people living in the same body. 99% of my life I’m full of beans, happy. Hey it’s James, he’s always trying to make people laugh. But then there’s a side to me that just slips and goes under. I’ll sink really deep. And it scares me because I know where my head goes with it. And even though I never would take my own life but if I am being honest when I’m going through a bout of depression I think about it a lot. It’s a real internal battle. I feel like I’m talking to myself in my head 24/7. But that’s why I draw and I dance and I run because I need to keep out of that dark place. I guess they’re my ‘go to’s’ for making me happy. All I need to survive in life is my electric eraser my 0.7mm lead pencil and that for dusting off the pencil shavings. That’s it for drawing. That is all I need to travel around the world. And I’d be happy just drawing in a little sketch pad. And for dancing, all I need is my little pop in earphones and I can put the music on my phone. I don’t need anything else and that’s my safety zone. Depression is something that I’ve had probably for my whole life but only started to recognise that I needed help with it maybe seven or eight years ago. I think sometimes people don’t talk about depression because they see it as defeat. And I think sometimes people’s pride can be something that really hinders them from healing. ‘Ah yeah no, that don’t affect me mate.’ ‘I’m alright, I’m fine.’ Something people need to do more the world over is listen to people. When they spoke to Marilyn Manson about the Columbine killings and they interviewed him and they said, ‘What would you tell the children of Columbine?’ And he came up with the best answer. He said I wouldn’t tell them anything. He said I’d sit there and listen to what they wanted to tell me. And that really struck me. I thought what an amazing thing to say. We need to stop looking at… Ah, just checking Instagram… What was that? No hold on. There’s too much of that. We need to put the phones down. Cut the internet off for a year. That would be good. My grandad was probably my father figure growing up. His whole mantra was… Just be nice to people. Treat people who you want to be treated. And if someone needs some help and you can give it to them give it to them. I don’t think I’m as nice as him. But in the back of my mind I aspire to be like that. Most of my life revolves around I just want to make people laugh. If it just makes someone laugh and smile then it’s winning, that’s all. (That’s the secret to life?) Yeah, just laugh. Laugh, yeah. Laugh and love. Feel the funk. Feel the love. That would be a good mantra for life. I like to think I got the funk, yeah. To all of you who have contributed, for those of you who have shared our films, for those of you who have written out comments, this journey is just beginning. And we’ve put a Patreon link below our films, so if you’d like to continue to support us we’d love for you to donate below. Thanks so much.