Fingerpicking For BEGINNERS-Play Guitar In 12 Minutes! Lesson 2

welcome to beginner fingerstyle guitar
lessons this is lesson number two if you haven’t
seen lesson number one yet go to the link below take that lesson
first and then come back here let’s get
started with lesson number two so if you recall in our last lesson we learned this picking pattern
starting on the 4th string so I hope you’ve been practicing
and then we learned a form of a D chord which was this keep this figure (middle finger) out a way to show
you what I’m doing you should
have this finger up here just out of the way for right now were eventually gonna learn this
now I’m couple people have written into me and they said that their hand is
hurting back here well if your hand is hurting that means
you’re doing it wrong okay so couple things that could be wrong if
you having a while tension in the back of your hand here you’ve got to make sure that you’re holding your hand correctly your left hand – your
thumb should be down here okay and your fingers should be right below the fret so I’m not really pressing that hard
if you’re really pressing digging in.. that means you’re doing it
wrong The further away from the fret for the notes and I’m trying to do.. you have to press harder to get the notes out because what’s
making the note play is by freting it just below the
fret okay so if you’re pressing really hard that means you’re doing it wrong okay… so
nice n Easy the next thing we’re going to do now is
we’re gonna go and learn another chord okay so I said in the last lesson this
is six 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 on the 4th string we’re gonna go with
our middle finger we’re gonna go up to frets we’re gonna
play that now and then with our ring finger we’re gonna go up to frets on the 3rd
string and play that now we’re going to try to playing together
okay now when you put your fingers together here my fingers are fat and everybody’s
usually are (well, maybe not) but it’s impossible to get both of your fingers right below the fret so this one right here your middle finger has to be back here a
little bit but if you have your hand in a good
position nice and relaxed no tension you just strum this from the fourth string
all the way down very pretty chord now the reason I’m teaching you these
particular chords is because what we’re going to be doing is we’re going… I’m gonna show you a song when I learned when I was just
starting out playing and its really pretty you’re going to be able to do it because
they’re very easy chords …so now with that picking pattern that we
originally learned and this is from… if you recall we had the D chord we were forming the D chord and that was going from the 4th to the
first string so what we’re going to do is going to take our hand and just move it down one more
string starting on the 5th string and ending on the second-string and what we do is we’re going to do
that same exact pattern only instead of being here it’s right
here no court on the top (left hand) yet now if you haven’t practiced that pattern
that I showed you go back to lesson number one below again and work on that pattern first and then
when you’re it would be this when you can play it fairly fast like that tempo maybe even a
little slower if fine then come back to this lesson okay… but
importantly you get that picking pattern that’s in the trillion songs okay so all
we did was we moved this over to here.. so now with our left hand we’re gonna go and play that
Chord that I showed you which is both fingers up 2 frets on the 4th and the third-string the middle finger is on the second fret of the fourth string the ring finger is on the 3rd string 2 frets up And it’s a form of an A chord.. very
pretty so if you play that pattern holding that chord down it sounds like
this slow I’ll do it okay so that’s it… practice that lesson
Ithere’s going to be more easy beginner fingerstyle guitar lessons
coming up so get this lesson under your belt by
the time you practice it all have made the next video for you so take it easy good luck, and we’ll
see you soon