Fran and Reese write poetry about hell

We are writing poems about hell this
summer and what’s funny and reading poems about hell. Almost every time
we’ve said this to somebody they’ve said health and we have to say no hell
h-e-l-l, very different very different. The opposite actually.
Kind of you never know what sort of hell a person is carrying inside we’re trying
to think about the hells that we’re carrying inside of us internal and external.
Articulating the structures. “The real hell of hell is that it is forever” – Toni
Morrison’s “Sula”. I am continuing my thesis manuscript that I wrote called Hell House that
like visualizes a more contemporary modern day underworld. Your hell is very
suburban yeah yeah yeah I’m in a good way yeah garages and basements and
houses, houses, culdesacs. Cold air… cul-de-sacs.
somewhere in there I think like I was thinking and writing a lot towards
thinking about like structures of how like grief looks like for a lot of
people so my project is it’s more of a manuscript like the main character is a
woman who’s named Milanoe and she is the daughter of Persephone and Zeus.
She’s the reason why dogs bark at night for no reason which I don’t know why I
really get a kick out my character’s nickname is not baby so when I was
reading Reese’s work and realized that his character was baby mouth it was
another really interesting, not coincidence, what’s a good word for it oh oh this
this is what we’re doing right yeah okay I feel like hell is turning out to be a
lot of different things that I didn’t expect, such as there’s a lot of water in hell. There’s kayaking there’s kind which also draws kayaking. What if these were
like like the rivers of hell? We kayaked twice and we were good both times
well and you because you’re writing about the rivers of hell kayaking is is
really quite useful for your work it makes a lot of sense yeah your images
vocabulary and your kayaking moves are kayaking together cuz you’re both a little
freaked out. I think because writing is so solitary and you don’t have a sense
of anyone else being part of the process this feels a lot more communal a lot
more I know if I have a question like I could ask Reese and we can also talk
about the problems that we’re having and not that many people would be
fascinated or interested to hear that I worked for four hours on a single
sentence but Reese will understand it and give me feedback.