FREE Download Music on Soundcloud (MAC & PC)

Hello everybody ! Here I will show you a little trick for downloaded music from soundcloud website Soundcloud is this website or are published music and listen to free in streaming You can Like, make playlist & share it You can follow artiste and see their musics and sometimes we want to download it So often it written “buy ” we will do an other thing download the software sounwcloud downloader For PC or Mac Download all of this fucking shit ! When it’s done open it in your applications We have this little window The place for the url of the snoudcloud music What is URL ? it this … Copy it paste it here Clic on “Download” The downloading is quick Now it’s done !! Wait some few time Now it’s done ! Close the software and clic on “Later” if you d’ont wanna donate ^^ And here you have your music downloaded on your Desktop 😉 If your wanna, you have setting on the software You can choose where your music is stored after it is downloaded