FUNKIER THAN EVER |The Funky Cat #08

Okay guys, we just walked around the venue… You’ll probably recognize Gido from last time. Hi! So we just walked around the venue… What are your first impressions? Nice. I have glitters. Approved. They messed up my face paint. Talent. It’s time to dance! We are having a great time, but we are hungry. On our way to McDonalds. “Maren-Kessel Tunnelrave!” “Steeds maar weer!” Hey, as you can see I’m almost back home. I really, really had an awesome night. It was a new location, which made me curious, as I have never been there. It was a better location than the usual location, which is P60. Don’t get me wrong, P60 is awesome… Firstly, this was more easily accessible: I parked my car in front of the entrance, which was nice. Secondly, it was possible to walk directly from one hall to another, which is not possible at P60. At P60 it looks awesome, but this is quite easier. I heard lots of great sets. Geck-o played 3 sets and I especially loved his first set, which was a two-hour solo set. I also enjoyed his set with D00d. This band called Na-… Na… Nava… Naveya if I’m right. If I’m not saying it right, I’ll put the correct name here. Their genre wasn’t my cup of tea, but it was cool to see how they did it. It was just cool to see that live. In my opinion, this was an incredibly fun edition once again. Don’t forget to like this video, if you enjoyed it. Next week I’m in Denmark, so I’ll post a vlog on that. I am also interviewing D00d, also known as Wavolizer, there for an episode of The Producer’s Loft. Stay tuned! And now it’s time to catch some sleep. See you next time. Like and subscribe. Until next time… Oh! A downside was that there was no food at the location, but there was a McDonalds nearby. Problem solved! Funky Cat was a blast once again! Superb! Bye! Subtitles: Rein van Sloun