Funky neon nail art with stripes and arrows

Hey guys. So, apparently you want me to talk in my nail art videos. Which, I don’t really know why? ‘Cause, personally when I watch nail art tutorials, and people are talking, it’s really annoying. And I just kinda really want to tell them to shut up and just show me the nail art already! So in my ugly pink, I mean, pretty pink leopard nails I did not to long ago. I included a little bit on choosing the right white nail polish. So I’ll just show you guys again. So you know how a lot of white nail polish is really milky? Yeah. This is what you don’t want. You want creamy nice white nail polish, like this one on the right. The easiest way to find this nail polish without searching through hundreds of different companies for the perfect white nail polish, is to just buy a french tip nail polish. And what that means, is that there’re certain companies who make nail polish meant for the french tip manicures, and they’re really thick. I don’t know why nail polish companies didn’t think of this before. Just take your french tip nail polish, and call it white nail polish to cover your entire nail. Not just the tip. The problem with french tip nail polish, is that the brush is often really thin. Which is the case with Color Club, Orly, and a couple others. So all I did was just switch the brush! And there you go. You have a white, opache, french tip nail polish But with a thicker, regular brush. So we’re gonna start with a bleached neon striped base. I’m using a yogurt lid container as my nail polish palette. So I can get it really messy, and I don’t really care what happens. See? Yogurt was good for something. So I just apply a little bit of each color. One at a time, so it doesn’t dry out to fast, on my yogurt lid. And take a thin stripping brush, I got this one from Winstonia Store, link below, and start with one color at a time, from the outside of the nail, working your way across to the other side of the nail. In between colors, I clean my nail art brush by dipping it in a little bit of acetone. Swirl it around, and then I wipe off the access with a paper towel. This isn’t really the proper way to clean your brush. ‘Cause you’re supposed to, like, use water and soap or… Care about them? Or something? But, I don’t really care, ’cause I don’t have time. So, I’m just gonna wipe it in acetone and go. *nail art montage* When you’re done, put a niiiiice, juicy top coat on top of it all, and then let it dry. And… Go pet your cat. With your other hand. That you’re not painting. Or… Maybe, don’t pet your cat. ‘Cause you don’t want her hair in your nails. Never mind. When it’s all dry, and for me it takes fifteen minutes, but it depends on the top coat that you use, take your nail vinyls, and stick them on. And what I usually do when I want a pattern where they’re equally spaced, is I pick up a whole bunch of them. I apply them all on the nail. And then I take every other one off the nail, and keep adding to the end. I don’t know how to really explain this with words. Again, talking in a nail art video kinda useless. Right here is an example. But, whatever. Just watch what I’m doing. Then I took some straight nail vinyls to give me that clean edge on the side of these arrow chevron thingies? and… Paint it with black, and quickly peel off the nail vinyls while the polish is still wet. If you wait till it dries, then your nails will look hideous. Trust me. Before jumping to your top coat, you should probably wait fifteen minutes. Because the second you apply top coat over freshly painted black, it’s gonna smear everywhere, and then you’ll have to do it all over again, and you gonna hate me for not warning you. But I just warned you! So you won’t have to hate me! And there you go! You’ve got some really cool summer crazy nails on your fingers. Well, I hope you guys really enjoyed this video. But more importantly appreciated me talking in this video. As per your request. I mean really, though. We could’ve gotten through this tutorial in, like, a quarter of the time if I wasn’t talking and being annoying. Uhm… But for some reason you guys like me being annoying? So, I mean, comment below if you want me to continue being annoying while talking. And I just might listen to ya. Thanks for watching! Annnnnd… Listening!