Funky Nests in Funky Places Challenge!

Birds. They’re elegant, graceful but birds
are also funky. Some look funky. Some move funky. And did you know, that some live funky? All around you birds are building funky nests. Maybe you’ve seen them? Nests in your car, on your Christmas lights, those old shoes you forgot about. Or maybe you
just haven’t looked yet. Join the Funky Nests in Funky Places Challenge and
tell us about the nests around you. The funny nests, adorable nests, the
inconvenient nests, and the totally bizarre nests. Doesn’t matter where you
live, how old you are, or whether you know much about birds. Just send us your
photos, videos, artwork, poems, or stories and you could win great prizes. The Funky
Nest in Funky Places Challenge begins May First and ends June Fifteenth, so get
out there and start exploring for nests. Go get funky with it! Learn more at