Funky Vibes Mix 2019 – Dj XS March Selection (Best Nu Funk, Disco, Hip Hop & House Grooves)

Funky Vibes Mix 2019 – Dj XS Funk Mix I work depending make the name transform
any particular surface the fen-lands on my canvas hands on plus to feed the
coolie hi goat cheese – snake face I trade off at a glance gangsta shades
illustrate the paper space off the bastard pay didn’t sign when happy
National Geographic the magic book tale of my status and plus flavor this
automatic change the hot blame big rings bad
change gone quest for the same no-name you think should clean under the Fang
will stay true to the game and then for bringing the shame its height like
dreadlocks a red box a triple we pass participles and slash the artisan you
the saga continues this I won’t get into cut the ain’t enough balls to hold the
drum the dagger bends Joe he’s gonna stay with the defame a little change in
the household name for gain too much change in the game go but not to be vain
refrain from song great season of my name we entertain for a mutual game for
close range steady aim and rummaging head to hit the brain I’m labor Mandy
Bruce Calif of the dollar work for moms baby Bob our the bus go we take it back to the tennis again show
them the cold and on the bus go word enhancer SiC the pony Buster’s
controlling the dance floor I’m in the dark places that you can do stark naked
your heart races as we pump you put your choice faces and taught a single game
these hot styles prove from a few cheers from shocked out the word problem clouds
and it disappears spoken we take it back to the days of yes Charlotte we holding
on to take it back to the day suggest show then hold it on the bus cold don’t of your holster friendly make
whatever tone it’s an old phobics I don’t drink my glass never will hold
away his gums are from the Cooley thoughtlessness all of us in one store
now you can click the question mark commercial counterparts are in constant
conflict a lot of details and my body scales I’m compatible in Thompson’s in the until you do the walk on the dance floor
dance to the music to them you can do it all right Wow whether I’m in heaven
nothing’s nice appear from so far away Oh Oh some Oh a breath a breath away they take me what is going on glass everywhere is enormous that you
know they just don’t care I can’t fix now can’t take the knowledge that no
money to move on I guess I got no choice rats in the pot cookies in the back just
using the alley with the baseball bat I try to get away but I couldn’t walk we’re gonna drop the temple down to the
base drummer we gonna do a song that you never heard but you never heard that you
never heard we gonna do a song heard that you never heard that you never
heard as you never heard we gonna do a song hurt you never heard and this song and this song go something like this like Oh yeah Oh just yes you you