Generations React To The Top 10 Music Artists of The Decade (Vevo)

– How did I forget
about Beyoncé?! Ah, the queen!
– Make an album please! ♪ (industrial intro) ♪ – Hey, guys. Tom here
from Adults React. – And I’m JC,
a producer at FBE. – And we made some really cool stuff
with Eko that we wanna tell you about. – So, stay tuned till
the end of the episode, and we’ll tell you
more about it. So Jaxon, the decade
is coming to a close. – It sure is.
– (FBE) So, what better way to look back than reflecting
on the artist that gave us the sounds of the decade?
– Ooh, okay. Sick. – (FBE) To celebrate 10 years
of Vevo– I don’t know if you know what Vevo is.
– Yeah, yeah, music videos and all that fun stuff.
– (FBE) Exactly. Vevo revealed the top 10 highest performing
US artists of the past decade from 2009 to 2019. – Wow!
– (FBE) So, they ranked 10 artists, and we wanna see if you could
correctly guess and place them in the order from one to ten.
– Wow. That’s so cool! I am so excited to bomb this.
– I’m gonna be biased! For example, like,
Ariana Grande’s on the list, biased!
– I can’t even think back 10 years ago. That’s crazy.
– I mean, my taste in music is absolute garbage.
– I feel like I do the best at ranking any of our music stuff.
So, I’m gonna say that now and hope that the universe
works in my favor. – I’m hoping to see people I know.
But you know what? It’s all a blur. Oh, man. I’m getting stressed!
– (voice-over) For Justin Bieber, 2009 marks the beginning…
– Ohh! Justin! – (voice-over) …2009 marks
the beginning of his career with his first single, “One Time.”
– That’s right. I do remember this. – (voice-over) …2010’s baby
that the star would become a household name, with the music video
becoming the most viewed and also the most disliked
YouTube video ever at the time. The star released the albums
“Believe” in 2012 and “Purpose” in… – That has to be top three.
– (voice-over) …number one hits, including “What Do You Mean?”
“Sorry,” and “Love Yourself.” He has not released an album
since 2015, but… – No, ’cause he got married!
– Nah. See, that’s his one accomplishment,
being in “Despacito.” – (voice-over) …as well
as “I’m the One” with DJ Khaled. – Man, this was HUGE.
– I actually totally forgive him for everything he’s done.
However, I’m sort of shocked he was on this list still.
– Justin Bieber is pretty up there. I’ll put him at four.
– Shoot. He’s been around forever. I’m gonna put him
at number two. – Let’s make it six,
because I didn’t like him that much. – (voice-over) Chris Brown spent
the decade releasing six albums. – (gasps) Ahhh, shoot! – (voice-over) …starting
with 2019’s “Graffiti” receiving unfavorable reviews.
– Yeah. – (voice-over) The 2011 “Fame” album
produced a string of hits, like “Look At Me Now”
and “Beautiful People.” In 2015, he released his…
– Yeah, I haven’t listened to anything from him since forever.
– (voice-over) …that produced the radio hit “Ayo.”
His ninth album, “Indigo” was released in 2019,
debuting at number one on the Billboard…
– Was he forgiven by then? – (voice-over) …estimating
an accumulation of 97 million on demand audio streams
in the US for its 32 tracks. – 32 tracks in an album?
How long was that album? – I get it, because he came around
when people were really starting to watch content on YouTube
and music videos and stuff like that. – He has a lot of good reviews,
so I’d give him a solid number four. – We’re gonna put him
at number three. – Yeah, I’m gonna put him
at number 10. – (voice-over) Katy Perry seems
to have cemented herself as… – Katy Perry! Crap. Okay.
– (voice-over) …that spawned singles “Teenage Dream”, “Firework”…
– ♪ Teenage dream ♪ ♪ (mumbling) ♪
– “California Girls,” “Firework,” yeah!
– (voice-over) …Kanye West and “Last Friday Night.”
– She was massive. – (voice-over) …to
achieve five number one Billboard Hot 100 songs
from just one single album. – Yes. Go, Katy!
– (voice-over) …she performed at the Super Bowl Halftime Show.
From 2013 to 2017, she released… – Katy Perry, where is she now?
– (voice-over) …single “Chained to the Rhythm,” streaming
over three million times on Spotify within 24 hours,
breaking the record at the time for the highest first-day streaming
for a single track by a female artist. Recently, she released
“Never Really Over” and is rumored to release an album,
but at the end of 2019. – I feel like she got kind of weird,
and people just kind of lost interest a bit.
– Iconic in a sense. She’s had some songs in the past
that were hits that actually kind of ring well in my ear,
because they were either played so much or I kind of liked them.
– I did a photo shoot with her. I was her grandma. It was so much fun!
She was such a doll. I’m gonna put her at three.
– I don’t know. Hmm. I’m gonna put her at a five.
– I wanna rate her so high. But at the same time,
I know better. We’re gonna put her
at number five for now. – (voice-over) The Weeknd
has had more of a recent climb to fame with his compilation album
“Trilogy” released in November… – Oh, the Weeknd!
– The Weeknd! Whoa! I didn’t know he was on here.
– (voice-over) And that album is composed of remastered versions
of his previous mixtapes. “Beauty Behind the Madness” was…
– That’s such a good album! – (voice-over) …”The Hills,”
and “Can’t Feel My Face”… – Damn.
– That’s so weird. Whoa. He’s been around since like 2015.
– (voice-over) His third studio album “Starboy” was released…
– I really like “Starboy.” – (voice-over) …at number one,
thanks in part to his hit single “Starboy”…
– Yeah. – (voice-over) …”I Feel
It Coming” both featuring Daft Punk. – Yeah.
– (voice-over) He released “My Dear Melancholy” in 2018…
– Oh, I didn’t know he released a new album.
– (voice-over) …darker style of his earlier work and is believed
to focus on past relationships with model Bella Hadid
and singer Selena Gomez. – Ooh, tea. (chuckles)
– It seems that a lot of pop and hip hop
that gets really popular a lot of times features him on tracks.
– The Weeknd, no ‘E,’ was on Saturday Night Live!
So, that makes him fairly popular. I’m gonna put him at eight.
– I’ll put him number six. – Number nine, I guess.
We’ve been through four, and I’m already
feeling very judgmental. – (voice-over) Rihanna has had
a hectic decade releasing five albums in the span of 10…
– Ahhhh! Rihanna’s number one in my heart.
And I hope she’s number one on this list.
– (voice-over) That album was supported by six singles,
including “Rude Boy,” which was… – I’m a rude, rude boy
in a rude, rude world. – (voice-over) From 2010 to 2016,
she released albums “Loud,” “Talk That Talk,”
“Unapologetic,” and “Anti.” – “Anti” is one of my favorite albums.
– (voice-over) …”Only Girl in the World,” “Talk That Talk,”
“We Found Love,” and “Work.” – That’s so many albums.
– (voice-over) …being commercially successful.
She has not released a proper album since…
– Make an album, please! – (voice-over) …kept busy
running her Fenty Beauty cosmetics line and her
Savage Fenty lingerie line. – Oh yeah. She’s so interesting.
– Listen, they love the makeup. They love the lingerie.
But I think they’d love an album too. – This one’s gonna be hard.
She can either be one or two for me. I’m gonna give her one.
– I don’t listen to her a lot, but I think that other people
do listen to her a lot. And for that, I’m going to give her
the number four spot. – (voice-over) Taylor Swift
started off the decade by receiving 2009’s Video Music Award
for Best Female Video for… – (inhales sharply)
Taylor Swift. There we go. – Ohhhh! Frick.
I forgot about Taylor Swift. – (laughs)
– (voice-over) …Video Music Award for Best Female Video
for her smash hit “You Belong With Me.”
During the acceptance speech, Kanye West interrupted,
causing a media frenzy. – Oh, Kanye. Really!
You’re so rude! – (voice-over) …artist to win
the album of the year at the Grammy’s for her work on “Fearless.”
– That had some jams. – (voice-over) …2019, she released
a string of number one albums… – Oh my god. She’s gotta
be way at the top. – (voice-over) …”1989,”
“Reputation,” and recently, “Lover.” – “1989.” I saw her concert.
– (voice-over) …Brendon Urie, broke the Vevo record
by amassing 65.2 million views within the first day of its release.
– Jeez! – Her new songs get so much traction.
Her old songs are classics. – What she should have done
is pulled a Lil Nas X and went country and pop.
So, I’m putting at her number six. – Between whether I should
put her higher or lower than Katy Perry. (laughs)
Yeah, number two. – I’m sure people are visiting
her music videos constantly. For that reason, I’m placing
T. Swift at number one. – (voice-over) After taking
a break from music, Eminem returned…
– Oh! Eminem. Oh my god. – (voice-over) …that
debuted at the top of the Billboard album charts.
He released his seventh album “Recovery” in 2010,
spawning massive hits… – I remember I used to rewatch
his music videos a ton. – (voice-over) In 2012, he became
the most followed person on Facebook. – Facebook?! I don’t even
have Facebook! (chuckles) – (voice-over) In 2017,
he released the album “Revival” to very mixed reviews.
– Whoa. – (voice-over) …he surprise released
“Kamikaze,” becoming Eminem’s 10th consecutive number one album…
– Wow, that’s crazy! – (voice-over) …the best selling
hip-hop album of 2018. – Oh, it was?
– Oh, see? Now I wanna start moving people.
He’s gotta be up there. – I’m gonna put him at number seven.
– We’ll put him at six. – Four, because I’m afraid
if I give him two or three, somebody’s gonna pop up that’s
just gonna blow him out the water. – (voice-over) Nicki Minaj
was introduced to the general public in 2009…
– Ohhh! Nicki Minaj! – Ah, of course. Of course.
– (voice-over) …”Pink Friday” in 2010 with a string of hits…
– Yes. – Whoa. She had so many hit songs.
– (voice-over) …”Super Bass.” – Oh my god, “Super Bass”
and a bunch of other ones blew up, so I don’t know.
– (voice-over) …album “Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded” with “Starships”
as her supporting single, which went on to become
the fifth best selling single of 2012. – Oh, Nicki.
– (voice-over) …she released the music video “Anaconda”…
– Everyone lost it when “Anaconda” came out.
– Oh, “Anaconda” too! That one was massive.
– (voice-over) …19.6 million views on its first day of release.
In 2018, she released her fourth album “Queen,” debuting at number two.
– That’s crazy. And she has very much
a not safe, not family friendly, like, look and persona,
and she’s still just slaying it. – It’s just hard.
I’ll give her eight. – She’s just being placed
at number nine for now. – I think I’m gonna
put her at number four with all the other iconic queens.
– (voice-over) In 2009, Ariana Grande was cast
on the Nickelodeon TV show Victorious and would…
– (claps) YES! – (voice-over) …”Sam and Cat”
before releasing her debut… – YES!
– Ariana Grande is pretty up there. – Dang. Now, I don’t know
if I would call her number one artist of the decade.
– (voice-over) …2014 to 2016, she released albums “My Everything”
and “Dangerous Woman,” with each album releasing…
– Personally, I just don’t like her music.
I mean, I know she’s very popular, but I do not like her music.
– (voice-over) In 2018, she released “Sweetener”
to critical and commercial success. – She did some good stuff.
– This– oh my god. “God Is a Woman” music video is
unlike anything else I’ve ever seen. – (voice-over) …fastest Vevo video
to reach 100 million views on YouTube. – “God Is a Woman.”
Yes, she is. – Ariana Grande has absolutely
killed it from the moment she started making music.
– I only have the number one and number nine spot,
and she’s not number nine. So, I’ll just put her at number one.
– I think I’m gonna put her at number eight, ’cause it’s what
I have open, but I don’t think it’s what she deserves. – (chuckles)
I’m biased. – (voice-over) Beyoncé started
the decade winning the VMA for Video of the Year
for her hit “Single Ladies.” – Ohhh, no!
– How did I forget about Beyoncé?! Oh, the queen!
– (voice-over) …”Single Ladies.” – Oh my god, “Single Ladies”! Ah. – (voice-over) …spawning hits like
“Run the World” and “Love on Top.” In 2013, Beyoncé performed
at the Super Bowl, which stands as the second most
tweeted moment in history at 268,000 tweets per minute.
– Yes, and she puts on such a show. – (voice-over) In December 2013,
she shocked fans by surprise releasing her fifth album,
self-titled “Beyoncé.” – Dude, “Beyoncé”
was such a good album. – (voice-over) In 2016,
she released “Lemonade”… – “Lemonade” is amazing.
– (voice-over) …becoming her most critically acclaimed
work to date. – Oh, yeah.
– (voice-over) …”Homecoming,” the live album
featuring the entirety of her historic Coachella performance. – She has created
a full-on empire for herself. And it’s amazing.
– Coachella was just a Beyoncé concert,
and all the other artists were openers.
– She is NOT number 10! But it’s what I have right now,
so I have to put her there. – Six on– there’s no way.
– Put her at number one for now, but I definitely have
some changing to do. – (FBE) So, now that you’ve watched
through all of these, we’re gonna give you a chance to make changes.
Let us know when you’re locked. – Cool.
– Yeah. Queen B, number one. – I think Taylor is number one.
I don’t know where to go from there. – You know, I’m gonna
keep it like this. – (FBE) So, now that
you’re done making changes, we’re gonna go from
number ten to number one. If you get the answer
perfectly correct, you get two points.
If you’re one off, like if you’re one above or below,
you get one point, all right? Coming in at number 10
is the Weeknd. (buzzer)
– Ah! My heart. – (FBE) Where did you rank it?
– Number two! – I got the Weeknd! Yay!
– I got it after I changed my answer! – Knew it! Okay, cool.
– (FBE) Coming in at number nine, Ariana Grande.
– (clicks tongue) What?! Wooow! That is surprising.
– Oh my gosh! Guys, I’m doing SO well! (buzzer)
– Boy, I’m surprised. Okay. I had her at four.
– (FBE) Coming in at number eight is Nicki Minaj.
(buzzer) – You [bleep] kidding me?!
Come… ON! I was gonna switch ’em! – Oh, on point!
– Oh, god. I moved her up to five. Well, that was a mis–
see, I should’ve just left my dang list, man.
– (FBE) Coming in at number seven… Rihanna.
– (gasps) I got Rihanna at num– oh my god. I put here
at number eight. This is so good, guys.
– Okay, I was close. I had her at eight.
– Aww, I put her at number five. – (FBE) Coming in
at number six, it’s Beyoncé.
– Whaaat? It’s gonna be Taylor
making all the money, isn’t it? – I put Beyoncé at seven,
so I should’ve switched Rihanna and Beyoncé.
– That was at a four, so I’m two off.
That is frustrating as hell. – (FBE) Coming in
at number five, Katy Perry.
– I put Katy at number four. This is going great.
– Ooh, right on the money! Okay, cool. (laughs)
– I’m scoreless! I can’t believe this. – (FBE) Coming in
at number four, Chris Brown.
– (gagging) He should not be top five.
I’m gonna cross him off my list completely. (laughs)
– What? How? – Boom! On point.
(ding) – (FBE) Coming in
at number three, Justin Bieber.
– Justin! Okay. I put him at number three,
but I actually thought he would be a little bit higher.
– I put him at eight. I left him at eight.
– I had that at number two. I have one point for that.
– (FBE) Coming in at number two, Eminem.
– YAAAY! I finally got one right. – I put Eminem at
number two! Look at me. (buzzer)
– What? I’m sorry. Should’ve paid a little more respect.
– (FBE) Which means, coming in at number one is Taylor Swift.
– Good for her. You love to see ladies (snapping)
in the top one spot. (laughs) (buzzer)
– Ew! I feel betrayed. – Yeah, this kind of seems like a lot
of what people listened to, even myself, during that 10-year span.
And it’s funny to look back and think, “Whoa, these artists
have had careers for nearly 10 years.” – See, that just goes to show you
that my musical mentality is exactly opposite
of what the young people are doing. – Music used to just be auditory.
And now, it’s so visual. Are we really focused on the music
or is there so much going on that the music is just
a small part of the whole piece? – Hi, guys! It’s us again.
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