George Clinton Gets Funky on the Moon – DUST Afrofuturism Ep. 3

In the 60s, Lieutenant Uhura helped command the Starship Enterprise. In the 70s, George Clinton’s mothership helped to expand the mythology of what we came to know as Afrofuturism. “Sun Ra’s out to lunch, the same place I eat at,” George Clinton once said in an interview. “Me and Sun Ra and Jimi Hendrix were eating at the same lunch counter,” he then later remarked. Clinton’s songs and album covers only strengthened that idea. Albums like “Atomic Dog,” “Mothership Connection,” “Unfunky UFO,” “Dr. Funkenstein,” and “The Cosmic Slop” gave the world a taste of black people traveling through space and time for advancement, englightenment, and fun. “Free your mind in your ass will follow,” George proclaimed, “Open up your funkin’ mind and you can fly.” His songs have since been sampled over 400 times, and, in 2011, the library of Congress declared that his album “Mothership Connection” had an enormous influence on Jazz, Rock, and Dance music. There is no doubt that George Clinton, Parliament, Funkadelic, and their disciples will continue to inspire afronauts to free their minds – and asses – for all time