German REACTION to Albanian Music 🔥 TAYNA „Sicko“ vs. ENCA „Jealous“ 🔥 Balkan

Kaz: Hi guys, welcome to my new reaction video – Today we are going to watch two Albanian Music videos – and my guest is Kaz: we will watch TAYNA and ENCA Kaz: Do you know one of them? Semir: I know both singers from other songs for example Taynas song BYE BYE – I think it was her last song? Kaz: Yes. It was an amazing song Semir: yeah Kaz: she released a new music video called SICKO 😀 Semir: I think it it is pronounced so correctly “SICKO” like sick Kaz: and because I thought, because I had not listened to the song jealous from ENCA, that we will look at it afterwards. Kaz: her thumbnail looks hot Thats why we should check it up Kaz: we will start with Tayna – I am so excited because Taynas Songs are always nice … especially BYEBYE and Caliente are my favorites I am excited – lets start Kaz: Omg – its starting —– friends entertainment *speechless* Kaz: This girl is lit. so cool Kaz: the setting and the video in general has something South American about it. Kaz: SHE IS HOT , i think everyone knows that Kaz: Ufff especially this one….does not that look hot? Semir: Really good ! Kaz: That was really … Kaz: THIS LOOKS SO BEAUTIFUL!!!! Semir: what was that :O Kaz: amazing Kaz: and know its going wild Kaz: Whats the meaning of Sicko Kaz: but whats the meaning Semir: its the english word SICK and the other form with o at the end Kaz: I love her voice, too. Her deep voice Kaz: i dont know how I can say that. But his woman has talent Kaz: I’m glad I discovered her. One of the best in 2019 Kaz: Look to her beautiful eyes Really beautiful Kaz: This was a nice song, wasnt it? Semir: yeah a song with latin Touch Kaz: watching the next video Kaz: Summerfeeling is coming back Semir: and Alcohol Kaz: and Semir: Booty Kaz:yeaaah with shisha Semir: Now I really want to smoke on hookah. Semir: thanks… I really want it now Kaz: cool Kaz: I wonder if ENCA is so lightly clothed in each of her videos. She likes to show what she has. Semir. YES Semir: the facial expression was mega funny. Kaz: Enca is a good singer too Kaz: I am wondering how old she is Kaz: I have the feeling that she is really young. Semir: I think end 20s Kaz: that was nice with the watermelon Kaz: ok…..lets talk about two very good videos Kaz: I have to say that the first song I liked more… from tayna Semir: yeah Kaz: the second one was fresh and the video was for our eyes very good Kaz: yeah. it was good, too Kaz: In the first video I liked the setting very much. The atmosphere was good there. I felt some latin music touch. Semir: the second video has latin touch, too Kaz: it was more like the caribic Vacation, beach, alcohol Semir: standard Kaz: two very good albanian songs – If you know more good albanian songs, write it in the comments. If you enjoyed my video, dont forget to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE for more videos 🙂 Watch my other albanian reactions, too Dont forget to vote, which song is your favorite BYE – see you in the next video