Girl Kissing Guys Prank | Ba-Studs Series by Funk You EP. 01

Hey guys this is Amit. What’s up, this is Akshat. This is Nirbhay and this is Pramod. And we are, Funk You. Thank you so much guys for supporting us and liking our video. Because of your encouragement, we are now going to do something new So basically you would’ve seen us pranking others, but today we’re gonna prank ourselves 1 will go to prank someone and others will make him prank So guys the first task of our show is what Amit is doing. Just see what happens. Amit is the biggest coward in our group. He is shit scared of girls. I don’t think he will be able to complete his task. Turn over and don’t see. When I say, then only take it out. What is in there? Excuse me, how long are you guys here? I’ve been trying to find my girlfriend. Have you seen her there? Have you seen a girl here? She’s like tar. Please help, please help. Have you seen godrej’s cupboard? She’s like that. I don’t know she’s a girl or a cupboard. She’s flat from the back and front both She farts a lot. I’m asking you cause you would be smelling shit because she farts alot. Did she eat vada pao? I don’t know. Do you eat? Tell him she smells like me.
I mean she smells a little like me. You’re also smelling. Show him your underwear. Tell him it’s her underwear; it’s smelling even now.
Please smell it. Smell it please. What happen? Smell it and then only you’ll know where she is. Since a long time I’ve been trying to find her by smelling. Maybe your nose works.
She farts a lot. Your nose will open up. Give him the underwear and ask him to measure her if he finds her ever Now you’ll be thinking what are we doing Why are we tying up his hands. We’re gonna make him write a letter and we will give the words to him and he will ask the public to write it Go to that red one. Ask the red one. Listen, i wanted to get a letter written to my father. But I got a fracture on my hand so can’t write In the generation of phones, you are sending a letter?
Daddy doesn’t have a phone so. He doesn’t live here. He lives in Delhi. You will send the letter to Delhi? I can’t call him. Please write quickly. I’m hurt. I’ll tell you what to write. Write in whichever language you want. He knows both the languages. Your dad knows English but doesn’t have a phone? Tell him to write – My dear drunkard father. What? My daddy drinks a lot so. Don’t go on the handwriting the writer is a dickhead. Don’t go on the handwriting; the writer is a dickhead. This is my final letter. Write a little good please. Your handwriting isn’t good. Sending it to your father or your girlfriend? Tell him that your hand has broken cause of shaking too much I want to tell you that my hand got fractured due to too much of shaking Asshole are you passing your time or writing a letter? I’m telling you the truth. The letter is really important. Please listen to me. I am telling the truth. Go and fuck off from here. You don’t shag? Go or I’ll kill you. Go now. I’m already angry. I’m telling you this letter is very important. You think I’m a fool? It was fucked up. That guy was really annoyed. Now it’s time for this bastard. He’s going to be blindfolded and he’s only going to see the things we will show him. He’s the only blind guy who has 8 legs. 6 of ours, 2 of his own. Let’s see how people react when they meet this blind guy. Get that blue guy. Brother, please drop me a little ahead? Is there any shop to eat there? I want to go to bandra Have you worn a blue color shirt? Your teeth look dirty. I want to tell you a sad story Asshole, help me cross. Can’t you see? Why are looking at your phone? I’m working I want to eat the biggest banana. This one.
Buy for me You have nice shoes Yes sir its good. Thank you. But you don’t have hair. Is this your bicycle? It’s good. Which company is it of? You sit here. You hold your stick. Sit here. Where are your legs? Where are they? I want to ride a cycle. It’s my wish since my childhood.
I want to ride a cycle please Pramod, can you see that couple? Tell the guy that you can see his girlfriend’s bra. Sorry I cant to it. So guys we didn’t excepted that but pramod just gave up from his blind prank. Now pramod will get a punishment which will be very dangerous. He is going to shit his pants. And now it’s the turn of the bastard called Akshat. He won’t be able to hide from us bastards. He has to basically beg for money. Which is the most difficult thing to do. Let’s see if people give him people or not because he will give the reasons which we tell him to. So Akshat can you do it? Ready man ready. Ask the watchman for money. Uncle, please give me 2 rupees. I need to go and take a shit. Hey please help me. I need 5 rs. I need to buy a bra for my girlfriend. I need to buy a bra for my girlfriend so I need money urgently and I’m out of cash. The scene is that I need to shit as well and i don’t have cash for that too. Hey asshole! What are you doing?
Asshole listen. What are you doing? Asshole see him and listen.
The blue tee shirt asshole look here. Ring his bell and ask him can I ring your bell? Uncle please let me ring your bell I need 2 rupees. I have to take a shit. They dont take 2 rupees . So how much do they take? 5 rupees I need to shit. Give me 5 rupees. I will give you 10 rupees. I have to go tomorrow also to shit. I need to gift a bra to my girlfriend also.
I don’t even have 10 rupees sorry. Sell your watch or something then. Please sell your watch. I’ll get some money, it will help me.
Please help the poor guy. So guys all the 4 tasks have been finished. We also know who’s gonna be punished. By the way, i don’t deserve to be punished still I’m doing it. And anyways Amit must be coming anytime. Where is Amit? Here is the punishment You don’t have to sell it. You have to wear it.
You have to seduce someone. What is this man! Let’s give him some privacy to wear it and get ready Are you ready Pramod? You have that talent. You can do it.
Go and show your talent. Listen, you wanna come with me? Listen, what are you doing here? It’s my car.
Take me along then. Give me a kiss please. It’s my duty here. What duty? This is also a big duty. When will you fulfill this? Give me your number please. I know what you are seeing. I know what you want. Give me your number atleast. Nice waves are coming right? Listen. Listen. 200rs only. Are you married? So? You’ll not give me a kiss? Why to kiss you? I have a wife. So what if you have a wife, won’t you kiss me? You won’t do anything then with me? You have such nice teeth. Do you eat mawa? Give it to me also 1 kiss please. 1 kiss only. Let me work, leave me. It’ll only take 5 mins. From looking at you, 5 mins will be enough. Don’t look me, look at yourself.
How long do you last? Let’s do it in the car. Go from here. Let me work. I’m just saying 1 night with me. We will have fun the whole night So finally guys i have done my punishment Everyone’s seeing me. It’s very awkward.