Gittler Guitar Demo

All right I’m going to show you guys the new Gittler guitar Its all titanium, metal guitar, no wood, no fret board strings just float in the air. and it sounds pretty cool! some clean sounds One of the hardest hardest things to get used
to playing this guitar is not the lack of a fret board, it’s the fact
that the strings are very close to the pickups. So you have to have a real light touch to
get in there right and not hit the pickup. But if you do it
doesn’t make any sounds just sounds Its a little bit to get used to But its nothing big. It took me like 10 minutes to get use to that. Its a great guitar for strumming because its just real easy for that. The fact that the strings are close doesn’t really matter. It’s got a compensated bridge. The
Intonation is right on. You tune it down here. The strings are locked into the top of the guitar up hear. And the strap, the strap mechanisms is awesome it’s like a clip on strap strap locks so it’s fully adjustable you can flip it
to left-handed. It’s also a MIDI controller which right now it is going straight guitar but it works great with my Roland synth. It has a treble and bass boost here and then it has a volume knob
down on the bottom. So clean it sounds sweet. Dirty it sounds even better. I hope that gives you an idea of what this guitar can do. It’s unbelievable. That’s probably the best way to describe it… it is freaking unbelievable and it’s very
lightweight. I haven’t tried putting in an airplane yet
that should be fun. But it is likely the most innovative cool
thing I’ve seen in a long time, so hope you liked it. Oh one more thing, check this out they
sell these guards that you can stick on the back if can’t get used to it. It clips right
on like that and now you gotta traditional guitar with the back. It’s an acrylic back. Good for wrapping your thumb around. But I kinda like it without the back Alright.